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Posted:i know some of you have noticed my lack of posting on hop over the past week(or maybe my head is just swelling!). there is actually a serious and very disturbing reason for this. i learned last week that my brother suddenly and completely unexpectedly killed himself in australia. he had been living there for the past year and a half, doing his phd in neuropharmacology. any time i spoke to him he sounded so excited about every day and he was loving the time he spent there. he had met a girl a few months ago and they were so happy together, they were going to buy a house together and they were talking about getting married.

my head is still a little all over the place, but i have the support of my friends ,wonderful girlfriend and my family to keep me going.

he will be returned home on sunday evening, with his girlfriend and 3 of his greatest friends, and after a short stay in our home he will be buried on tuesday.

if you are reading this mesage and you have any sympathies for me or my family please keep us all in your thoughts on tuesday morning (12:00 gmt) the time of the funeral mass.

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