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Hi everyone.

I was wondering what other fuels could u use to light up fire toys? ive always just used kerosene for my staffs. ive used a bit of shellite a few times to make the flame brighter but i wanted to know if there is nething u cud use to make the flame a different colour or something?

cheers guys!

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Hello smile

As a wise and enlightened new HoP member I'm sure you read all the FAQ posts before posting here.
So you'll know all about the "Search" function and indeed about the many articles about coloured flames, different fuels etc etc.

Research is much more productive than just asking people wink

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*motion seconded*

We're not (well, i'm not at least, and i'm fairly certain durbs isn't either, cos he seems like a good bloke, and is somewhat widely acclaimed as the hop searchmaster) having a go at you here, so don't take it personally.

There have been, however, many many many threads about 'what fuel can/should i use?' and 'how do i make my flames coloured?'. Same goes for 'what music do you listen to when you spin?'

all valid questions, but, as such, they've all been asked a number of times before, and it ends up being a waste of space/bandwidth/time when there's thousands of repeated threads with the above questions in them.

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Could make a sticky feul thred

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We could also make a sticky fuel thread.


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A sticky Fued thread?!

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