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Had my first spin with fire on Saturday night - what a great feeling! I spun four times and only managed to lose a very small amount of under arm hair!
I was surprised how much tighter and acurate I became once I lit my staff - I'd normally expect to brush myself a couple of times in half an hour of unlit practice...

What a feeling!

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Posted:Seriously awesome stuff, I just had my first spin about a month ago.... Every time I light up, it's soooooooo AMAZING, like playing with an orgasm, or multiple orgasms, while drinking a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster....

Hellz yea I say!!!

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Posted:I had my first burn with fire saturday night as well, it was awesome, but the soaked fire staff was so much heavyer than the one that i have been practicing with, so i got tired alot faster than i was used to, the added weight did make my moves alot tighter though

yay, Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters, hey zaphod could probaly do three fire staffs at once with that extra arm of his

happy spinning

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