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Posted:Canada Day is now officially my favourite holiday. Yesterday (July 1, of course) I bought a fire staff and lit up for the first time at a party, right before the fireworks display. I probably wouldn't have had the guts to do it if not for the wealth of advice in these forums about how to spin safely. I've never posted here, but reading through the archives gave me enough information to feel comfortable playing with a big, burning stick. I even managed to light up twice without ever setting my hair on fire... (anyone else ever had the experience of EVERY SINGLE PERSON told about your desire to spin fire expressing concern over your long hair?)So, muchas gracias to all who share their experiences and knowledge on this board. I'm willing to bet I will continue to gain information and inspiration from you for a long time to come--especially when I start learning poi!Brand shiny new fire spinner:chicazul

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Posted:Congratulations...welcome to the big happy fire family (bunch).
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Posted:I have very long hair which I've very proud of I always tie it back and then push it all under a hat :P I'm off to my first rave tonight there's gonna be 5k+ ppl and I'm going for the sole purpose of spinning fire wish me luck all, as it is now I alrdy have waves of energy flowing though me. I'm hoping to do at least 20 burns tonight.

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Posted:Knagi--Damn, dude! 20 burns in one night? I wish you the best of luck in the world, but don't try to over-extend yourself. I've found that all my worst screw-ups happen when I'm overly tired.If you don't mind a bit of advice? Get some good, nutritious food into you an hour or two before you leave for the rave. That way, you've got the calories and the fuel inside you to keep going for a long time, but you've had enough time to digest so you're not full and bloated. And don't let that "20 burns" become a goal that makes you push yourself when you're feeling worn out. Even ten or fifteen will be staggeringly cool.(And I assume you're not going to be on any "typical rave drugs" (including alcohol!), and that you'll have a safety.)I look forward to hearing about it tomorrow, dude! Sounds like you're going to do some wicked cool shiznat.
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