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Posted:I busked last night for the first time ever!!

My general state of mind (paranoid) keeps me from doing anything in public at all but I did it and I feel FANTASTIC!!!
it was to a bus load of tourists stopping off in my home town for a coffee on their journey, I didn't earn a penny but it was worthit anyway!! WOW!!!

I twirled a lot better as well, leading to the point of this you twirl better when you're being watched cos I do!!! I did a five point weave without thinking about it and when I concentrate I cant even thread the needle!!!

please excuse me being over excited,

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I did my first twirling a while ago during Moomba, so we had quite a few people walking past. I'd say we got about $25 bucks out of it... Even tho I was on the ground panting for an hour after fire breathing three times in a short period.

Twasnt fun.

But the beutiful thing is, getting money for something you love doing!

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That's wicked hun

I sometimes do poi better with an audience - I guess there's an extrovert in all of us just waiting to burst out...'pends on me mood.

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Posted:personally i crack under pressure, not that that is pressure; but its people watching and i screw up heaps. all the same, im jumping over the ironing board next to the computer just cos its there for you!


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Posted:YAayyyyy! Im only new to the fire arts! only done a little bit of a show for my family and friends. But i Know how you feel people looking at you all amazed! . And it's like you are totally on top of the world! not a thing can stop you hay? . Yayyyyyy! (in a chris tucker shrill!)

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had her carpal tunnel surgery already thanks v much
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Posted:Had my first busk today, it was amazing... it was for the Beltane Fire Festival, and there were something like 15 drummers to give us some great beats biggrin And noone laughed at me, so I'm quite happy and semi-confident for the actual performance next weekend! Got sunburned (IN SCOTLAND!) though rolleyes

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