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firestartedGOLD Member
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Okay guys, I've a few questions... but here's some info first:
My name's Ken, I'm Irish, I busk regularly and spin poi for clubs indoor with some standard HoP soft glowballs (cool but the lights too weak) and I used to use standard Poi Poi tube heads but now I have HoP monkey fists.

There's a veritable arsenal of poi available online. I'd like to ask for other peoples experience rather than just buy poi, see they're not what I'm after and then sulk, penniless.

now onto the questions:

LED poi:
when in the name of God are hyperlights out (like 100% ready to buy online)?
are flowpoi duo's (or uggs?) worth buying while i wait for hyperlights?
Has anyone in Ireland or the UK bought from flowtoys and if so how long did they take to arrive?

Fire poi:
I have monkeyfists (65mm) but I was disappointed with the flame size eek(but only the flame size wink, mind you:P {^_^}!) and i look at alot of poi sites, Nick from playpoi recommends Isis head poi from, are they any good? anyone bought any?
fire snakes: salza also sell good looking snakes, are they any good? can you do buzzsaws with snakes?
in a fight to the death do HoP snakes or Salza snakes look better?

Basically I will fork out for good poi, coz I make the money back gigging, I don't wanna buy crap though, I love poi, ubblove I wanna get nice kit for clubs cool, strong lights and big flames.

help me out. i know there's alot being asked in this but surely this is a common dillema, i hope i don't get in trouble for a cry out for help :P

is it wierd of me asking about buying other products than HoP ones, on HoP? {MOD NOTE, check my acc, I buy loads of stuff from you wink wink)

Thanks in advance, please be really pedantic in your replies!

RellizateRellizateGOLD Member
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I make fire gear. If you like the burn time of the monkey fists, but not the flame size, I recommend you get snakes. The salze snakes are ok, but the chain is a bit dodgy, and the burn time isn't great. So what I did for myself, was make a pair of snakes - exactly the same as how they did on salze, except instead of using 10mm rope I used 12.5mm. The result is, huge flames, 50% longer burn time, and just generally better. They are a nice weight as well, and the are excellent for throws even without counter weighting, because of the weight. Check in my gallery for a picture of the snakes.

If you don't want the snakes, I say maybe mega cathedrals. Not mega as in really tall - mega as in really wide. I stock cathedrals that use 100mm wick, instead of 50mm. They are more expensive, but they burn for slighty longer than the monkey's, but the flames are unbelievable!

PM me. :P
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newgabenewgabeSILVER Member
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 Written by: firestarted

Nick from playpoi recommends Isis head poi from, are they any good? anyone bought any?

Nick is right.

I have Isis fire poi from Salza and they are fanstastic. I have never seen anything like them elsewhere.

The Kevlar rope is knotted in a complex pattern that allows a lot of air in. That gives huge long lasting flames that stay even over the burn. Like monkey fists, they have no excess metal in the head, but they are still pretty heavy especially when loaded with fuel (and they take loads!). So I only dip them for a few seconds, that's plenty for me as I am a weak girlie type. They last for just ages!

The chains they come with are great too, strong but light. So the weight is in the head, which gives them great momentum, easy to manouevre, good for stalls etc. The chain is plaited right down into the head, very secure. All the links and connectors are sturdy and easy to use.

The only weakness I found was the nylon handles: I meant to change to leather ones as the originals were too tight, stiff and chafed. But then they got burnt in a clumsy second and I wrecked them anyway. Melted. Ugh. Nasty things.

Overall I would say if you want great fire poi, buy the Isis with the Salza chains and specify leather handles. They really aren't dear for what you get. I think mine cost about 75 Euros at the EJC last year.


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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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That's not a complex pattern, that's barrel stitch! It's the same thing you do in gimp/boondoggle or whatever you want to call it. The plastic string stuff you learn to make keychains with in summer camp. There's a lot of manufacturers here who do that stitch with 1" cloth, but I haven't seen it with rope before. Since you already have your own chains, I'd recommend you just make your own. It's less expensive and more fun. But then I always say that.


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JauntyJamesSILVER Member
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Oh, and if you check out the hyperlights thread in technical discussions, Jon says that they'll probably be out closer to November (he said that a week ago). I just ordered a pair of duos to tide me over until the hyperlights are out, and until I have enough money to buy them. Flowpoi has an offer for free rechargeable batteries and a charger with orders over $75 right now, so if you're going to get them, get them before Nov. 7th.


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