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Posted:God I'm doing alot of postes lately. More than is usual.


Which episode of Star Wars is your favorite, and why? I'm doing a research paper on The Star Wars Phenomenon and would like you, oh you wonderful zany people, to give me your ideas.

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Posted:the one that ends in a whole galexy genocide ....oh sorrry that episode was in my dreams (sorry i had to say that)


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Posted:I may be a blasphemer for this, but it's a toss-up between Episide VI and Episode II.

I really liked Episode II and thought it was worthy of the original tryllygee.

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As a whole movie I liked Empire the most. Great story, wonderful effects for it's time. First appearance of Yoda. In general, Episode V just had more appeal to me... I really can't explain why.

On the other hand... I ended up laughing my @$$ off at the Yoda fight seen in Episode II. That alone was worth my $10.

Geez... Star Wars... just so I don't feel like such a geek does anyone else know what movie is playing and what location one is at in the movie
by analyzing the sound eminating from the blasters? (It is a truely incriminating test of Nerd-dom)

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Posted:I have to say Episode V aka Empire Strikes Back. I find that the story was good, the effects were good and the original cast had great chemistry. After being entranced by the first movie the second rounds everything out and we learn how involved all the characters are with each other. It's a great movie.

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