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Spontaneously CombustableThe cuter FRD
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FRD and I got a gig in a bar here in Morroco. We met these 4 lovely french girls who also span a bit of Poi. We decided we would perform on the roof of the Taros Bar, where FRD had previously performed, also at this time, there was a festival for the young musicians, so there was a crowd of about 2000 people in the square below, plus about 100 in the bar....

So FRD set the pace with a bit of staff, he did a few half steves... and then he did a wrist roll, he lost a bit of contact and the staff rolled off his arm and off the side of the roof nearly landing on a women oblivious to the staff...... Luckily no one was hurt otherwise FRD would of had a law suit on his hands,

Then one of the french girls started spinning, so FRD took a few piccies, he then leant over to change the angle, putting his foot through the was about a foot in diametre.... hopefully no one will find out before we leave the country biggrin
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IgirisujinSILVER Member
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LOL, was this bar put together with bits of sheet metal and asbestoss by any chance? Chief adviser to the Pharaoh, in one very snazzy mutli-coloured coat

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Fine_Rabid_DogInternet Hate Machine
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No, it was a really nice one.

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