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Posted:Hey, i really enjoy spinning my fat mouse and cobra poi, and whilst spinning my LED's is great fun, when it gets dark and u cant see he tails anymore i always get thinking about UV lighting. HoP shop sells a tiny little UV torch thing for applying body paint and hunting scorpions but i dont know if it would be big enough to illuminate a spinner?small group of spinners. can anybody help me with where i can get UV lighting that can cover a decent area?(a few square metres)

Cheers guys


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Posted:it depends if you want indoor or out outdoor mate, you can buy a UV Canon which is incredibly nice but costs a lot and weighs a ton, a cost effective way but you may need a few since the area they cover isnt huge if its a big room is a UV Blacklight lots of places sell them like Argos

they look like this

Non-Https Image Link

im trying to find a bigger one cos i have that one and im trying to find a 48 inch one, if u have any luck inf inding a big one can you let me know

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Posted:hey will,

i get mine from maplin.

this tube will fit in any flourescent light fitting with a starter: 4ft uv tube.

alternatively, if you just want to spin uv stuff in your bedroom, you could get one of these.


cole. x

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Posted:thanks for those links cole they'er great and very cheap, could fit one in using spare starter and fittings from our fish tanks. Just need to find a room now...

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Posted:Hmm well can you buy UV bulbs in different sizes? My dad has one of these Recharchable Halogen Spotlights (wich are just chunky yellow torches with the power of 3,000,000 candles) maaaaybie you could replace the bulbs in these for UV? Or perhaps theres a speacial paint or something you can dip a bulb into to get UV (no idea how UV works)

You could put three torches on the ground and point them upwards toward you and get bathed in UV light perhaps? Three of these torches should be enough (mnaybie even two there very strong when fully charged) or any other kind of powerful torch perhaps if you can find a bulb the right size to replace them.

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Posted:My kind of topic biggrin

try these...

A big one
(these things are awesome but slightly power hungry)

You'll have to sift through but there's some portable ones on ebay
(dont know how good they are though)

Theres a few smallish ones here
(For home use probably just the UV bulb from here is best stuck in a normal lamp)

Hope that helps - If what you are looking for is not there let me know - I'll have a word with some lighting people and see what they advise.


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Posted:aaah the mighty kannon *drool*


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Posted:*looks smugly at his UV cannon*


So pretty...

(Although they're not great if you're an insect lover...)

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