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Posted:Hello everybody!

I'm from Minsk, Belarus redface(between Poland and Russia). It is the country with dictatorship, frown so...

It takes a lot of time to got visa and to prepare all the documents if I want to get to the any events, perfomance... etc... confused

Is it possible to find any kind of list of perfomances? Having it I can prepare all the papers in advise... ubbrollsmile

Can U help Me? hug


Faithfully yours, ubbangel
Minsk, Belarus.

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Posted:Hello Bekar

If you look up at the top of this page to the right of where it says "Welcome Bekar" there are some links. One of them says "Calendar". If you click this link it gives you all the events that are listed for each date of the year.

I hope that helps

hug Skully

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