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Posted:hello out there , just got into fire poi and got enough moves down so i can perform at art walks where i live. but what i really want to learn how to build is the set up for some sparkly poi. i think it will be fun as hell.

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Posted:Hell isn't fun - so you're quite wrong there wink
Although showering the public with burning hot metal is quite hell-ish...

For a better response ( wink ) try doing a search for "Sparkly poi" in the search function here as this has been discussed MANY times. smile

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Posted:mmm sparkly poi looks fun lol

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Posted:The thing to be aware of here is the safety issue.As it involves the use of burning steel wool in a metal (spark) cage,it gets seriously hot ,and the sparks travel a lot further than you would expect.Also,it makes sense to only do moves where the poi are moving away from you (forward weave,butterfly,etc)definately not buzzsaw or moves where the molten metal can fly toward you.Anyway,that's my twopennies worth,just be careful!
BTW,it is fun,and can look awesome cool


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Posted:Hi and welcome to HoP.
Some questons have been asked a lot and this is one of them. The answer is already about if you do a search.

I'm closing this thread now.