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Posted:Hey, like you can read in the topic, Ive seen qiute a few pix lately showing people with poi and obviously the chains are burning, too. Now I dont exactly know how to do that. Wrap some kevlar strings through the chain?? Or are these special chains??Couldnt have a closer look in person wink looks Imma the only fire spinner around, although toitoitoi, Ive seen qiute a few beginners around last weekend! Community is growing!!!!! biggrin

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Posted:Those are fire-ropes or snakes

They're bascially fire poi with wicking instead of chain - usually either thick (25mm) kevlar rope or thinner kevlar rope plaited together. You still need to leave a small bit of chain before the handle so you don't burn your hand though smile

Try a search for "snakes" or "fire ropes" for more info smile

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