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DurbsBRONZE Member
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Inevitable really, what with all that "pinging" and "ponging" that people forgot stuff wink

If we could make a quote list (as in pre-wiki Falmouth attendees list) that'd be grand smile
So...I'll start it off

Lost: 1x 80mm Metal CJ ball ~ Durbs

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oliSILVER Member
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Written by: Fal4 lost and found list

Aerotech Blue/Red Proball,in a white short sock with a knot - Jemima
Orange fluffy cone poi - well used and much treasured ~ fluff
Silver Skull & crossbones stud earring ~ Skully
red and black a4 spiralbound notepad - coleman/bams
green and yellow sweatshirt - coleman/bams

Some small (rather scary looking) poi ~ Mags
A red T shirt (possibly belonging to ninja dave) ~ Mags
2 staffs, belonging to Julien ~ Mags
Black and red stripe sock poi - Will
Ninja Dave's black n white long sleeved t-shirt thing ~ fluff
A black and silver ring - Mewcat
A white towel - probably Tim's - Mewcat
2x Black furry stick wick covers (there were 2 tiger spoted ones that someone else took too) - Ucof

A black/grey rain jacket with a red 'U' on it somewhere - Rob

A big ring, with a few tiny rings on it that spin round - possibly Brads? strange toy it is, i kind of like it - Strugz

sleeping bag, eurohike 250 in the back of my car... a french persons? - oli

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NateBRONZE Member
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oli thats mine i think, i also left my staff bag in your car and my parrifin, aqlso i have some money from julien and others for petrol, i'lll add a bit aswell

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CantusSILVER Member
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I've lost a teeny tiny eye patch (as would befit a small monkey, were he to wear a pirate costume). I'm baffled as to the loss as the small monkey in question never doneed said pirate costume...

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jemima (jem)SILVER Member
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Still no sign of my aerotech frown frown frown shrug where ever did it go?

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