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Posted:Hi anyone out there to help... I must be stupid or something but got a beginner video and book but i just cant get it need practise and someone who is willing me to show the ropes of Poi....Ppl of Melbourne... Help anyone??? redface

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Posted:What specific move are you having trouble with? There are a lot of very usefull advise threads for beginer moves, try some of those. I'm sure any one of us would love to help you, but we'd kinda have to know where you are first.


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Posted:Have a look through the lessons on the site and search for threads about a move.

Also if you're in a city chances are there's a meet nearby. If you're in Melbourne I can name a handful of local spinners and I've been to a spinning meet in Melbourne, so go along there. Search the Events and Meet Others forums for details.


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Posted:You could take up the slightly less dangerous art of accountancy?

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Posted:Hey Kir! ) hug

Don't worry! You are not stupid to be struggling in the early days with Poi! weavesmiley ubbloco ubblol

it really is challenging... Some rare souls take straight to it and zoom along, (grrrr) but most of us take ages to get the basics, and then proceed in fits and starts. Even people who make it look really easy talk about their insecurities learning... (I could go into an adult learning rave here, but I'll refrain!)

So take Dom's wise advice and connect with your local people.. like Sunday Afternoons in Alexandra Gardens on St. Kilda Road opposite 'National Gallery of VIC' (Old Arts Gallery with spire) on ..

or do a search for people in Mebourne here and then PM them to say Hi (worked for me in Brisvegas!)

One thing you will find is that Poi people are invariably friendly and helpful to newbies... We've all been there!

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Posted:From one begginer to another Ide say dont be worried. You will go from not being able to do a move and then suddenly BOOM something happens inside your head and then suddenly you can do something new, carry on doing it for like ten minutes and you have it made.

Even if you cant do any particular moves that you have heard about or seen practise with your Poi regardless and you will find inspiration strikes at unlikely times. The free lessons link up in the top there is very usefull too.

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Posted:brit_joe I love your signature, most members of my ex's family were blessed with unibrows haha

kir- you'll get there, just keep trying!I been spinning for about a fortnight and I can just about manage a btb chase for 5 seconds. then i smack myself in the ear or eye ubblol

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