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i was just wondering how long it took people to get to a point where they say...yeah i think i got it now...
i don't mean with really complex moves and stuff but is there a point when it just clicks or is it a constant struggle for improvement - just wanted to hear people views...

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I think constantly improving applies to all spinners smile

There's always more to learn weavesmiley

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I wouldn't say it's a constant struggle, more like a constant evolution of form and flow. I don't think it just clicks for anyone, you have to be passionate about spinning and want to practice often.

I'm still terrible at it but I keep going because I love to spin and want to develope my own quirky style. I think once you get past the basics, you can really begin to expand your spinning and turn it into art.

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i was happy with the moves i could do for about a year, just loving the transitions from move to move and the sumptious flapping of the tails on a summers evening.clap

In the past two weeks ive learnt double the moves i used to know and now its a constant urge to make my self better. In some ways i miss the blissful ignorance of not knowing about moves like isolations and hyperloops, and just loving doing the weave continually.

but thats life. riding high in april......

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i think that you reach a point where even if you cant do certain moves you can understand how they fit into the general patterns (and i also miss the bliss of not understanding isolations!!)

i cdnoult blveiee taht i cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht i was rdanieg!

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Written by: arty farty

In some ways i miss the blissful ignorance of not knowing about moves like isolations and hyperloops, and just loving doing the weave continually.

Thankfully I'm still at that point where I love doing the weave continually. ubbrollsmile

I think it's different for each move, I'll get so frustrated for some of them and put the poi down before I hurl them through a window and go have a think about it.
For me if I can sort out the move in my head, usually it'll click fairly quickly, within half an hour of practice, once I've picked up the poi with the intention of getting the move right.

I just went for a few days without practice and today I realised that all my moves were a lot smoother than they were last time I was playing around.

So I guess it's all random and just clicks and runs smoothly in it's own time.

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i would say that there are too many families of movements for there to be a general state of being 'clicked' or 'improved'
each are a single branch of one tree.
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Yeah there's a moment I think where each family tends to click and you stop thinking in terms of "moves" and instead in terms of how to apply the principle to your spinning in general.

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I'm still a newbie but there was a moment when I went from ok now I'm going to turn from forward circles into reels.... *and then turns* To a moment where I was just spining the poi and turning and linking moves but not thinking too much about what moves to do but just doing them instinctively. It was a bit freaky at first but cool.

I can't wait until I'm good enough to be able to do that for longer periods of time without hitting myself. weavesmiley

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i don't know...i think its constantly improving but i certainly have mad learning sessions where everything clicks and then plateaus..(dont like plateaus *huff*)...

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thanks for everyones input i was just interested to here from other spinners cos i don't really know anyone

went to a festival yesterday and was spinning all day - my arms are KILLING ME!!!
and i'm sunburnt...oh well...

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I've been spinning for roughly 4 years. But living in the states spinning isnt a real popular thing, so I practiced/Leared alone. In the beginning it was 2beat weave, basic butterfuly and thats it. A year later I discovered HOP and started learening the 5beat weave and things arround that. Last year, I thought I had my moves down, I was really happy with where I was. So, I went to The World Electronic Music Festival (WEMF) to spin and have fun. While i was there, i only saw two other spinners (glowsticks) and they both had moves that I couldn't do (btb and wraps). Now, another year later, I'm still learning and but the people i saw at WEMF inspired me to practice everyday, and continue to refine what I do know, and struggle to learn new things.

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