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Posted:WARNING!! Ranting HoPper!! angry mad2 angry mad2 angry mad2 angry mad2

Today, for many of you, is Pay Day. Normally a happy day when for once your bank account is in a reasonable state and you can once again afford to resume normal living until it runs out again!

Today for me went rather the other way. I opened up my payslip and there it was

Pay = 0.00

I have been off sick for six months, I have been being paid Statutory Sick Pay (which is only about 60 a week) by my company as I have not been there long enough to get proper sick pay.

When I phoned them to query why they had not paid me anything, all they would say was that I wasn't entitled to the SSP anymore and thats why I wasn't getting it. They had nothing to say when I asked why they had not warned me and didn't even apologise for completely stuffing up everything for me.

So I have now spent the day trying to sort this out. I have 200 worth of Direct Debits going out of my account over the next few days and my bank will fine me 30 for each one that i can't pay.

The Bank won't do anything to help me because it's not 'their problem'. Apparently they can only help if there is a bank error. They won't help me because its my employers fault.

I rang up the benefits agency and they can't get me an appointment until next week and it will take weeks for my claim to go through. They also said that my company should have told me 4 weeks before they stopped paying me about the stopping of my pay, they should also have filled out a form and sent it to the benefits agency...which they didn't.

I understand that they company I work for cannot pay me for being off sick indefinately but they could have at least warned me and they most definately should have filled out the forms that they are obliged to do. It has completely screwed up my finances and I have no idea how I am going to cope. My mum has sent me some money to help but its still not enough to sort out this giant mess!

And to top it all, I now probably will not be able to attend Falmouth ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying ubbcrying

angry mad2 angry mad2 angry mad2 angry mad2

Ok, rant over!! I just had to get it all out, I'm so angry!

I'm off to skin up!

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