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Are we alone in this galaxy or is Zaphod sitting next to me feeding me pangalactic gargle blasters? add your views om the chance of other life in the universe.

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Written by: KJ2356

Are we alone in this galaxy or is Zaphod sitting next to me feeding me pangalactic gargle blasters?

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Read "Chariot of the Gods" by Eric Von Dainken. Its a great book which looks at the possibilities that our world was influenced by travellers from another world.
I do believe there is other life in the universe. Earth is here isnt it?

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Zaphod was feeding me only the other day.................

If you think we are alone........... small mind you do have, open it must be wink

yes......... cool


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I think it might have been albert einstein who said something like this:
"What is more frightning, the possibility of the existance of other life or the possibility of being alone?"

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well doesnt hitchhikers guide to the galaxy work out that regardless of some existance it still works out at a chance of 0 that we'll come across life.... theredore we dont exist either...

hitchhikers brings some very philosophival questions into mind

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it also brings some stupid ones up!

if you think you are alone, then you are like a blind man in a room fullor mute poeple, you knwo people are there, cos you can hear sounds, but you are scared and unsure!

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hmmm true

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if we are alone...who else is posting?
meet them....?

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hmmmm....Dont buy into most of the alien hype, but I very much doubt that we are the be all and end all, because thats just bad design.

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Very interesting....

my theory is no one is alone... there is earth yes.. but the universe is infinite and there is only a finite of planets so the population of the universe is 0.000000001 or something... so there is no life in the universe... hmmm we dont exist... we are all figments of someones imagination who doesnt exist... quite interesting....

I cry when angels deserve to die.

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I cry when angels deserve to die.

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I don't see how we could possibly be alone in the universe. The galaxy... maybe but not the universe. Based on scientific projections there is a 99.999999... percent chance we are not alone but I believe that is just the beginning. We could all be simulations running in a fathomless computer or just a microscopic cosmos in an unknown infinity.

I'm not saying I subscribe to a UFO\alien conspiracy on Earth but how could you deny the possibility of other life witout being a closed minded zealot.

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Aliens. And the possibility of interstellar idiots, we've got enough on this planet to deal with already.

There's a nice bit in the movies Sphere (not got round to reading the book yet) about extraterrestrial intelligence not being very intelligent and Bill Hicks does a nice bit on alien rednecks.

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im reading hitchhikers guide at the moment and my god its sooo much better than the film..........the film was still fuckin awsome though

and no we are definatly not alone

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I think its incredibly naive of people to dismiss the possibility of existence on other worlds, views are up to your beliefs, but they should never be dismissed as impossible

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as a christian i solely beleive we may not be alone but if there are being out there they are just animals... one good movie that tried to cross chritianity and possibility of other life is my enemy and i but sadly they forgot the bible says God made us in his own image and the human and alien had many differences in appearance... buit its a good movie pretty funny... pretty old

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It's just occured to me...if we're supposed to be made in the image of God (or Whomever you believe in or don't) it dosen't say much for divine dignity.

I think it's very possible, likley even, that there's life in the universe that didn't grow up here. Intelligent life, too. There's a heap of delusional rubbish cludging up the question of whether anyone's visiting us and I don't really know. Probably it cou;ld happen.

Another thought, not that I follow any religion, but could it be that the "in his image", presuming for a minute that the inconsistant work that is the Bible is correct, line's been misinterpreted and it's more that we have minds thatis the similarity?
This is all idle theorising of course, in much the same way that I'd write fanfiction.

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we're not alone.
thats all im gonna say.
-tears self away from this thread-

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