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I am looking to buy flags, but can't find them on-line anywhere. Does anyone know a good site? It's called swinging if you aren't familiar with this. I do poi now but those flags are soooo beautiful and the technique is the same as poi so I should pick it up fairly easily if I could find them to purchase. HELP!

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I know a great site that sells them.....This one! wink

Hope that helps
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Er...this one? I think HoP sells flags. Have a look here!

Or just make some. There's a thread about making them somewhere. Do a search.


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There are loads of poi spinning sites that do them, this ones good for instance. Also sonic stars have lovely but expensive ones, nearly all poi sites have them, just google poi spinning and look in the shops. Also they often pop up on ebay.

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the hop ones are indeed very good.

but personally, i like these ones best smile

cole. x

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Ive got myself a set of perdy flags... and on pay day will hopefully be getting some cones aswell...

Perdy is really nice and helpful and her products are totally worth the money! xxx

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they sell sock poi?! for 25 pounds!?
bit odd, really...

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also try searching the net under free form flags.

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I love my flags biggrin

Mine look like these and are quite large. I got them at a festival though so I honestly couldnt tell you who actually sold them to me.

I'm not sure if they are exactly the same but the dimensions look about the same on the big triangular ones. Mine look like this...

Non-Https Image Link

IgirisujinSILVER Member
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Try searching Im pretty sure they sell flags there, I allmost bought some myself but I went for strobe poi instead smile

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