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Dear all, I recently saw a question in a russian poi community in live journal
The question was - quote: "There is a very interesting history of poi on HoP, but there is nothing about the hidtory of fire fans, staff or fire breathing".
Is it possible to create something similar to "the history of poi" about those?
Thanks to everyone

Cheers =)

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Yes, very possible. :P wink

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You could always email Malcolm direct through the 'contact' link and ask him smile

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vanizeSILVER Member
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those are going to be a lot harder to pinpoint than poi I'm afraid, and subject to a LOT more controvesy...

deary me, I think I'll stear clear of any threads trying to develope those histories... it'll end in tears.


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HavokistBRONZE Member

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couldn't it be traced back to the origins of certain martial arts that use impliments such as a quarter staff?

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Well, I'd start with the history of fire... Who invented it, where it was invented. Then work my way up from there.


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_So_BRONZE Member
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LoL, NYC =)))

mtbeerGOLD Member
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Fire staff was derived from an ancient Klingon rite of passage I believe.

The origin of fire fans has been linked to the feminist movement of the 60's where women would burn their bras and dance wildly with them. Ah, if I could only go back in time.

Fire breathing came from Japan back when men would dress in hideous dinosaur costumes and crush tiny cities while, you guessed it, breathing fire.

Of course these are just my theories, I could be wrong.

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_So_BRONZE Member
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But those are very interesting theories. Thanks =)

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