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Posted:I have recently accomplished 4bit behind the back, also reverse, and 6 bit btb is going good now

I like them, does anybody do them?

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Posted:My (newly learned) waist wraps tend to be 4bts, I find 5bt waist wraps nigh on impossible even tho I have really long arms and can do 5bt behind my back shrug

I haven't tried 6bt weaves much as it just feels too ugly, especially compared to ber smooth 5bt.

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Posted:there's an easy way and a hard way to do 5bt wallplane weaves btb.... doing them both gets you 6bts.. 7 actually when weaving btb... it was getting used to leading with each hand that really took me the longest... and I can't reach it either.. I just use a little islation and some body movement, that I picked up from the 5bt walplane..

not a move I use often.. but then again I don't use the 7bt weave up front anymore either.. :shurg:

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