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the henna lady
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Posted:I realised the other day as I was driving, I hate being alone with my own thoughts. They are so busy
that even when it is quiet there is rarely silence (especially if I have a song stuck in my head ). So I crank up the tunes or turn on the tv. Anyone else ever get like this?

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SmallBoy - x

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Having just read this post properly (*bangs head on table*).....

Errrm I like being alone with my own thoughts unless I'm trying to get to sleep.
(Which until very recently was a huge problem.)

But then no-body ever said I was normal.......

being left with your own brain does have some major disadvantages though I'll grant y'all:-
a) You start torturing yourself over things that would normally be better off talked thru with someone (especially if that person's really cute and you don't want to do something stupid)
b) Somethimes you can't switch off at nights coz your brain hits overdrive
c) You've only ever got your own persepctive on things and it doesn't alwayz achieve anything

Just my point of view

Small Lardy Person In Disguise

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Posted:I'm never alone with my thoughts. The voices are constantly there, even when I sleep.

I enjoy sitting and thinking, sure it can be overwhelming sometimes, but I find it peaceful.

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:do you get voices?
it is well established that the mind works on many many levels, but can your subconcious get conversant? Last weekend a distinctly androgynous voice was rolling rrrr's in my left ear as i was at the beach very early in the morning.
A chorus of thoughts when you are alone is an indication of a chaotic mind and difficulty in focus, often in conjection with a chaotic/messy room and indecision. There is an esoteric practice called 'alchemy' that actually reveals the source of this chaos (negative egos) and dissolves them so that your mind is radically transformed into a more positive existence. best single thing i ever did in a very long time!

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:I enjoy my thoughts. If you drown out your thoughts or bottle them without analysis and processing they'll build up, go bad and continue to float to the top. Sometimes I scare myself during the rare occasions I drive that my thoughts occupy too much of my attention!

In quiet times I like to think about things past, present and future. I talk walks through my old flats, relive days gone by, think through problems I'm facing. In this way I remember who I am and the journey I'm taking.

Mark P
Mark P

old hand
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Posted:This links in with the sound of Silence thread a while ago really well.

Most of the time I would agree with Dom, I like having time to think my thoughts through and let my mind wander but there are times when it is nice to have a distraction like a hug from a friend or some nice music too


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Posted:Always!! It's usually music, some tune I'm trying to write or got stuck on or the last tune I heard on the radio before I left the house.Sometimes I sit and I think about all the things I can remember doing and wonder if I will ever do them again? Other times I'll think of all the things I want to do and wonder will I ever do them. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I get angry or overjoyed.
Being alone with your thoughts is a very powerfull experience and you need to harness those thoughts and make sense out of them. Usually all mine just seem jumbled as I have a VERY bad memory, I remember like 1 or 2 dreams a year and can't remember what I was doing a week ago unless it was truly memorable!!!
Thoughts are, at the end of the day, little electrons whizzing around inside your head, it's amazing what the human body is capable of!!

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Posted:hmmm... well having had very little or no sleep last night, and then trying to apply my ickle brain to the world of technical engineering at work, i'm quite tired.

Earlier on i was kinda staring into space, thinking just how much i'd love to be asleep, and i started thinking songs through in me head. But it wasn't like u would sing it. It was very detatched, very like listening to the radio, i could hear the song being sung, and i wasn't thinking about the lyrics either. It was very surreal.

similar me thinks to voices, and certainly my subconcious talking to me, but equally its likely to be a product of my sleep deprived mind.

Its funny how the mind meanders when tired also...

you have to let it all go... Fear, doubt and disbelief... Free your mind!

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still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:have you ever sat down and tried to focus on one thing? at first, it's almost impossible to fully percieve how chatful our pysches are! The many small distractions that our subconcious throws in our concentration is a constant barrage. for example, even as you are brushing your teeth, your mind may be at the supermarket planning the groceries, or at work planning the day. As the Buddhist aphorism goes:
"too much human doing, not enough human being!"[/i
Most people are unaware of the magnitude of this 'hidden chorus' since it is the background hum that they've heard all their lives. it's just not heard. but for the poor bastards who wish to undertake the esoteric path, a massive amount of work must be done to focus the mind. The Great Shock of the initial studies are always the shocking realisation that soooo much of our lives are dictated by the subconsious. I know that it changed my life, and marked the true adulthood/maturation of my mental life.
For instance, haven't you ever had a time when you said something 'in the heat of the moment' that you truly regretted? something nasty dropped out of your mouth that in no way reflect your personality?
the perception that we have complete free will is compromised when you consider how easily we give in to 'the heat of the moment'
it actually takes an incredible effort of will (see also: blood from stone!) to appreciate that simple truth! it can suck to learn that one can behave so childishly, but the reward is immense: you eventually learn to recognise the 'negative egos' of your psyche as they arise, and set them aside before they influence your behaviour. I took myself for a good person, but i tell ya what, i have spent soo much effort to recognise the extent of my laziness, vanity, lust, pride...etc.
If you can develop the eyes to see such things, everyday is a very rewarding learning experience of yourself.
would you like to meet the kind of person you are?

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Liquid Cow
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Posted:Some days I love being alone with my thoughts - it gives me time to reflect on what I've been doing recently, and what direction my life's heading. I like having something to watch when I'm doing this though, like a sunset, or just a blue sky with some clouds floating past.

Other days though, my head gets crammed full of so much stuff it can't handle on it's own that I find myself craving someone to go out with, just to get it off my mind, or someone to talk about them with.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake. You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

back from the dead...sort of
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Posted:great thread! everyone seems very thoughtful about this all, and tis cool to read everyeone's opinions on the matter...

I have a very close relationship with music...I almost always have music playing whereever I am, but I don't find that it distracts my thoughts so much as it enhances them.

it takes effort...it's easy to play a piece of music that doesn't compliment your moods or your thoughts or the environment you're in, for the effect or distracting your mind from something that's bothering you. but it you take the time to choose the music you play very carefully, and if you build a library of music that can suit 99% of your moods, having music playing can be very liberating indeed.

I love just sitting at home some nights, not so much listening to music, but letting music create an atmosphere that affects a more subconsious level, colouring the thoughts that I'm then free to explore...

most of my most memorable moments in life are really quite simple things, but when complimented with the right tunes, they just stuck in my head forever...like sitting with my best friend at a campfire by a still lake, under bright starry sky, talking about everything you can imagine. we stayed up 'til 4 in the morning, listening to FSOL's lifeforms over and over...best night of my life.

ah well, just my
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Doc Lightning
Doc Lightning

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Pele:
I realised the other day as I was driving, I hate being alone with my own thoughts. They are so busy
that even when it is quiet there is rarely silence (especially if I have a song stuck in my head ). So I crank up the tunes or turn on the tv. Anyone else ever get like this?My head entertains me. Non-stop. Never shuts up (which is why I never shut up). This is useful if I am on a cross-country drive. This is ANNOYING AS HECK if I am trying to get to sleep.

For this reason, a half a cup of black tea actually helps me sleep. Lets me shut my brain up.

-Mike )'(
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vaperloc...the mighty
vaperloc...the mighty

look @my member
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Posted:Aaaah alone with my thoughts,Like most of you are with poi,i am the most clear headed and able to think to myself when i drive.(and usually with the help of a bowl or two)I dunno Its like a zen thing I guess,just me and my car and the road ,nothing else exists,the humming of the engine as it zips me along at 100+ the feel of the rubber on pavement,its all reaction there is no thinking,thus leaving me free with my thoughts or lack therof.....nothing like silence inside and out.ahhhhhh.

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Posted:I love being alone with my thoughts, cos I don't generally feel alone. I have always been a bit of a loner, but now I am so much more comfortable with it. Its not just the "word" thoughts, that sound like a conversation, it is the "picture" thoughts, and the "feeling" thoughts. I have a whole world in my head.

But sometimes the "word" thoughts get stuck in a pointless conversation. Instead of helping me think out a strategy or a plan, they just re-hash bad things that have happened, or things I wanted to say to people but never head the chance. To re-wire that, I have to write it all down. Making it exist outside of my own head helps. But if I really want to turn my head off, I turn on the TV and sink into mental oblivion...

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Posted:Good thread!

A few months ago i was in a very strange state of mind, which lasted for about two or three weeks. I was scared to be alone with myself. In fact, upgrade 'scared' to 'petrified'. I couldn't even to look in the mirror. It was kind of like i was seeing myself from another level - looking at who i 'was' from the perspective of who i really 'am'! And it really really scared the crap out of me - not because i was ashamed, or felt guilty about who i was, but more just the knowing, that true realisation of 'Who You Are' instead of 'what you are'! In any case, it certainly opened my eyes and my mind.

I had to drive home one night, 4 hours in the car by myself with a busted radio - no escape. I really didn't want to go, but i did - that time alone allowed me to work through the whirling mess in my head and find peace. It was hard though, i cried for the most of it.

regarding free will - Ever tried to catch yourself actually making a decision? I often can't seem to do it. Sometimes i feel like i've done all this before, been through my past and my future an infinite number of times already. How would we know otherwise? - the possibilities of existence are limitless, and to deny any would be to make an assumption based on nothing. Maybe you exist in my mind, and i exist in yours, but that's the extent of what we currently call 'reality'.

Maybe Deja Vu is in actually a moment of clarity, not confusion...


- your's dripping with perceptual instability, fb

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Posted:hey great topic

i personnally have to listen to music all the time!
i can't cope otherwise. and i like music that matches my mood but i can use some stuff to change my mood which is cool

and i like to twirl to very loud mysic

have fun with ur ears and don't burn them

is fire is goodly


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Something Rozi said reminded me of something. Years ago I started writing through my thoughts, a process I called 'thought crystalisation'. I found it extremely rewarding to write down what I was thinking as it meant I had to analyse everything more than I was. I found this helped chart maps of a chaotic imbranglement of thoughts and unwound them to form order. What I wrote wasn't always strictly what I thought, sometimes it was, other times it was thoughts I didn't believe exorcised onto paper.

Basically a great way to relieve a headfu*k.

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Posted:I go through phases with my head. After growing up in a really chaotic household, it was pretty much the only safe place I knew. So, I spent a lot of time in there and would occasionally phase out so that I looked like I was almost comatose and had no idea what was going on in the world around me. That was not good. Too much escape.

Then, I went to the other extreme and couldn't be in my head for two minutes without going crazy That was even worse I think because I didn't feel safe in myself.

Then I started doing lots of yoga, dance, martial arts, poi, etc. and those types of things helped a lot. I had a dance teacher that basically said movement was the counterpart to meditation. When you settle into your body and let it go, your mind can relax - just as the reverse happens when you meditate.

So, at any rate I'm happy now because my body and mind are both safe places for me now and due to that I can occupy my mind for long periods of time, but still are able to ground myself and come back to where I need to be (unless that place is my classes, which are too boring at times).

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Jade Lynx
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Posted:Yep, my friend Deirdre calls it "the thinky head".
There's a wonderful Nina Paley comic that shows 5 panels of a brain bouncing around a room like it's a squash court and in the sixth panel, Nina sits up in bed and snaps at the brain, "will you cut that OUT?!? I'm trying to SLEEP here!"
Wow, do i know the feeling!
When it gets like that i'll put on one my surefire knock-me-on-my-ass going to sleep cd's and just focus on the music.

Oh, and i often have a song stuck in my head, but sometimes i have TWO songs stuck in my head at once...

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Posted:Great stuff, really.

"The Thinky Head" yeah haha, I know someone who refers to it as "The Itty Bitty Shitty Committee" I love that term its so true for me.

I feel the same as a lot of you in regards to being alone wiht my thoughts. Sometimes I loathe it, other times i'm in heaven with it, a bit of a paradox.

And Bender, all this talk of Alchemy sounds very beneficial, I wrote a poem called Mental Alchemy a while ago.

The thing that used to weird me out, happened when I smoked a lot of weed and would be incredibly stoned.....I'd be driving in my car thinking, thinking, thinking, going off on strange tangents, then something would catch my eye....I'd come back to my driving and focus on that, then I'd be overcome with the strangest feeling...I'd want to get back to the really great conversation I was having...then realize I was all alone. It was actually kind of spooky. Anyone else ever experience that?

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Fwirl :p
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Posted:awesome post.
Something happened last that happens every so often. I had just had been to see the oldest class at my school peform a play (Under Milkwood) which had a friends sister and a kind-of friend in it. It was a brilliant play and I travelled home with my dad afterwards. The whole way home I just couldn't bring myself to talk to him. I got home and went straight to bed because I couldn't stand it if any one talked to me. I lay down in bed and was sooo happy just to lie there and think. I get to sleep by making up stories usually (unusual i know) but last nite I just lay there and thought. It was wonderful, and I sorted out a few things...thought of the guy I like....lol.
Sometimes having to be by yourself and think is hell, but sometimes it is wonderful. Yay for the mind. lol
Love , huggies & respect
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Posted:i hate being alone with my thoughts..it scares the shit outta me...no joke..but thats coz i have this weird phobia thing..kinda hard 2 explain..where i like, start thinkin..then i get really freaked out..and i have to talk, or watch tv or summat..its seriously horrible..neway...yea..

Luv peace 'n' chicken grease Al X x


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Posted:to be a proper effect for me, sensory things gotta be full. so tunes gotta be loud enough to rise to the threshold of taking over large parts of me, then that's listening/ dancing/ singing (tho i can't at all)/ flowing, it's immersion.

thoughts? huge other sectors come into play, and leftover ones, or ones i want & bring by will or subconscious or suggestion into the new state now boogie too.

if i'm composing tho, distilling & expressing (e.g. writing, or improv spittin words out loud, or sketching notes or designing a shape) sometimes comes best after da physically audible beats stop.

Paddy, great coins!

molten cheers,

~ FireMike

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Posted:thanks man...took me a while to find canadian ones.