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Bish_the_Ding 52 posts
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Apologies! This post is identical to that posted in "new moves ..."I'm a mesomorph, 75 kgs, 1.8m tall with a stocky build. Now although I can smack people upside the head with a fully loaded supermarket trolley - behind the back moves are an absolute 'mare for me! People ask me what my hobbies are I say: "Collecting cuts, bruises, and haematomas!"Puh-leease ! Those of you who have a ken about dancing or do Yoga (it's made with real fruit!), how can I loosen up my shoulders to make way for these complex rear manoeuvers !?Any other beefy chaps out there with the same hassle? I'm sick to death of all these lithe, tall, wirey dudes/dudettes styling with almost no hassle! Know any moves that *require* strength over agility ?Has anyone given thought to "forming pyramids" or other gymnastic efforts to enhance polyperson performances ?Bish

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crispyx 53 posts
Location: Denver, Co.

I'm in the same boat, the one thing I'm finding to loosen up my shoulders is working with a staff. As far as moves that better use the strength I don't know of any moves but one thing I'm working on is making a more massive set of chains, I'm talking tow chains with very large wicks. I've seen this done and it's very impressive. My troupe is also working on more gymnastic routines, not much so far but it's another area where a more stocky performer will be a plus let those wirey guys climb up top!

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sammie 56 posts
Location: UK

dear dingy.go to a yoga class. Its mint! They'll get you to bend like you've never bent before and when you come out after snoring youre way through the meditation thang.....youre bendy as, man!Staff/poi is wicked after as you can go real fast for ages without having to warm up too much and it doesn't make you ache either afterwards.Plus with going to a class you are spoon fed and doon't really have to think much (max relaaxation and muchous bendious!)give it a go! smile

dangerboy 205 posts
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Did a show on Saturday that involved a woman with fire fingers on my shoulders while i spun chains in front of the face of a woman standing in front of me who breathed fire through it. I may not be a stocky boy, but it would have been a little easier if i was. Oh yes, there are opportunities for human fire pyramids.------------------Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit

Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit

o-o 78 posts
Location: london, england

hey bish,two tuesdayo-ops a loaded supermarket trolley: if we get a metal one (collecting trolleys seems to be one of greenmans hobbies wink for you, will you wick it and spin it? pleez?hahahaha