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Posted:Just that. Name some songs that give you goose bumps every time you hear them.
A few for starters:

Massive Attack - teardrop
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
Moby - great escape

Your turn!


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Posted:Written by: liquid_bubblegum

o o o whats that song with the bald women singing and crying.... it was on the top 100 songs the other night....... thats a good one but i cant remember frown

"Nothing compres to you" - Sinnead O'Connor
VERY good call...

Oh, and:
Somewhere over the rainbow - Eva Cassidy

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Posted:faith no more - easy
metallica - nothing else matters

im alan partridge........AHA!


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Posted:lonely as the sound of lying on the ground - a silver mt zion

hyperballerd - bjork

hooray! hooray! hooray! - do make say think

beautiful freak - eels

and anything by boards of canada and lots more smile

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Posted:James Blunt - No Bravery
Counting Crows - Mr Jones


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Posted:Dammit! Most of mine already taken!

I'll say
Radiohead - Street Spirit(Fade Out)
Linkin Park - In The End
Metallica - Low Man's Lyric
Killers - Mr. Brightside
John Lennon - Imagine
Julian Lennon - Saltwater
Chicane - Saltwater (Chillout remix)
Faithless - Bring my Family Back
Extreme - More than words
Eagles - Hotel California (Sorry! but its true!)



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Posted:Tori Amos - Ribbons Undone (about her daughter growing up, it's a really pretty song)

Eva Cassidy's version of Fields of Gold

Tori Amos's cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit (slow and pianoey)

Ben Folds - The Luckiest (love ballad, I cried when I first heard it!)

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Posted:Somebody - Depeche Mode

(yup, I've just dated myself)


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Posted:just three from me:
tool - parabol/parabola ... cracking video as well. first watched it stoned, didnt smoke weed again for a month as my head got so messed up!

ben folds five - brick

sonic youth - superstar ... is this about some creepy guy obsessing about a pop star or is that just my take on it? nice tune anyways

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Posted:Malice Mizer- Bel Air
L'Arc~En~Ciel- Kasou
Pretty much anything by Gackt
Kansas- Dust in the Wind
The Used- Blue and Yellow

Those have got to be my favorites.

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Posted:oh and is anyone else frantically downloading all the songs mentioned that they havent heard of? smile

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Posted:Portishead - Wandering star
Ben Harper - Excuse me Mr (No worries Pele)




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Posted:Oooh.. Massive attack. I was just listening to Tear Drop the other day. smile I love that song.

Sigur Ros - Starlfur
Tori Amos - Hey Jupiter
Mazzy Star - Five String Serenade
Tricky - Karma coma
Diary of dreams - Butterfly Dance
The cure - Fascination street
Radiohead - Idioteque
Legendary Pink dots - The wedding
Muse - Space dementia
Joy Division - Love will tear us apart
Postal Service - Such great heights
Bjork / Thom York - I've seen it all

Um.. I could keep going, but I should probably stop now...heh.




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Posted:I love depeche mode...
Does that mean I'm old too? 0.o


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Posted:Karma Coma is awesome! I love that song, it doesn't give me goosebumps but it is awesome.

I heard one tonight that made me sit up and beg...

L-L-Love by Astaire

and I forgot

Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.'s a thought for me, on another day I am sure I will. wink

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Posted:i have one more, well three

pink floyd - another brick in the wall 1,2,3

im alan partridge........AHA!




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Posted:Something For Kate - "Light at the end of the tunnel"

and plenty by Xavier Rudd (i was almost crying when i saw him live ubblove im such a softey)

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Posted:red hot chili peppers - under the bridge

bob marley / ben harper / xavier rudd / various others - no woman no cry

xavier rudd - let me be

ben harper - diamonds on the inside

others i forget now

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Sincetta, Plaid
All I need, Air
Pele, deffinately a bit of Louis A
Wave of Mutilation, Pixies

good thread, have managed to get the annoying song out of my head - oh no wait....damn

*are those my feet?!*


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Posted:muzik - escapism

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Posted:ok, here's my preliminary list, may add later...

smashing pumpkins: to forgive
U2: stay
vast: touched
radiohead: street spirit
the waifs: spotlight




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Posted:Silverland - Atlantis
Hoobastank - The Reason
Skunk Anansie - Weak
Massive Attack - Better Things
The Visitors - Between Beams


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Posted:Und Wenn Ein Lied - Shne Mannheims

Although it's in german, it is still an *amazing* song. You should listen to it, and even though you might not understand it, you can still feel it! Very, very, very beautifully done...

And if someone wants the lyrics in english, I couldn't find a translation, but if someone is interested, I could translate it for them.

~ Bobo

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Posted:David Gray- sail away

Javine singing Limp Bisquit's (?) numb on bbc radio 1 live lounge (if you were lucky enough to hear it it was brillliant)

Muse - Hysteria

No Doubt - Don't speak

Eva Cassidy - Wade in the Water

And others metioned before, I'll maybe update when I can think of more.

edit - Just thought of Pure shores by all saints, one of my all time faveorite songs ever!

And Zero 7 - destiny

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Posted:theres a few of the old(ish) Irish songs such as "The Fields of Athenry" and "Black Velvet Band" and many more are all beautiful songs, along with "Lone Star State of Mind" by Nanci Griffith

i know it seems strange but there's one line "Three tears I've saved for you" in the AFI song "Ever and a Day" that always gives me goosebumps every time i hear it, mainly because of the way its sung and the lines before it. one example of the lyrics is the first part of my sig

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Posted:WOW... this is my kinda thread! really!

Already mentioned:
Delerium - Silence
Chicane - Saltwater
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm
John Lennon - Imagine
Led Zepplin - Stairway to Heaven
Eagles - Hotel California
Lynrd Skynrd - Sweet Home Alabama
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Enygma - Gravity Of Love
R.E.M - Everybody Hurts
Metalica - Nothing Else Matters

My Songs:
Massive Attack - Mezzine
Delerium - Underwater (with Rani Kamal)
Smashing Pumpkins - To Sheila
Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
Faithless - We Come One
Faithless - God Is A DJ
Neil Young - Old Man
Neil Young - Hurricane
Enigma - Return To Innocense
Cranberries - Dreams
R.E.M - To The Moon And Back
Blackmore's Night - Under A Violet Moon
Nazareth - Love Hurts
Placebo - Pure Morning
Liquido - Narcotic
Metalica - Enter Sandman
Bob Marley And The Wailers - No Woman No Cry
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Buffalo Solgier
Africanism - Solgers
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
Depeche Mode - Clean
Sarah McLauglan - Angel
U2 vs. LMC - Take Me To The Clouds Above
Guns n Roses - Sweet Child Of Mine

Entire Albumsthat have to be heard as one:
Blank And Jones - Relax
Rani Kamal - Paplleon (can't spell that)
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie...
Various - Natural Progression
Deep Forest - Deep Forest
Various - Chilled In The Sun

Regards hug

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Posted:Written by: roarfire

Tori Amos's cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit (slow and pianoey)

smile smile smile I love that song ubbrollsmile

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Posted:incubus - stellar

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Posted:Mew - Wherever

Mew - Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed

Trail of Dead - Mistakes and Regrets

Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing

Placebo - Special Needs

King Adora - Suffocate

Bloc Party - Banquet

Bloc Party - This Modern Love

Blur - Out Of Time

Garbage - Milk

Garbage - The Trick is to Keep Breathing

Beatles - Long, Long, Long

Kent - 747

Kent - Stoppa Mig Juni

Bruce Springsteen - Reason To Believe

Bruce Springsteen - Into The Fire

Bruce Springsteen - Empty Sky

Bruce Springsteen - The Ghost of Tom Joad

(I could go on for hours with The Boss, so let's leave it at that..)

Kosheen - Hungry (especially live!)

Dead Poet - Tribal Grace

Coldplay - Amsterdam

Queen Adreena - Razorblade Sky

Daisy Chainsaw - Waiting for the Wolves

Joy Division - Decades

Joy Division - The Eternal

Joy Division - I Remember Nothing

The Smiths - I Know It's Over

The Smiths - There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

David Bowie - Warszawa, Art Decade, Weeping Wall, Subterraneans (basically the entire second side of Low wink )

David Bowie - Heroes

Too many more to think of..

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Posted:Toni Childs- Dreamer (cry everytime I hear it and its not even a sad song really!)
Bob Carlisle-Butterfly Kisses
Janis Joplin- Bobby Magee
Anouk-Nobody's wife
Greenday-Time of your life
Tom Petty- Free falling
Ian Brown- Keep what ya got
Bob Marley- Stir it up
Nirvana- Lake of fire
Vaya co dios-Time flies
Marilyn Manson- The beautiful people
Linkin Park-In the end
4 Non-blondes- Whats up


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Posted:So many really.... For so many different reasons, but heres just a few...
Portishead - Biscuit
Tool - The Grudge
Counting crows - Raining in Baltimore
Pearl Jam - Indifference
Bob Dylan - Masters of war
Temple of the dog - Hunger strike
John Lennon - Imagine
Seven mary three - Lame
Alice in Chains - Dont Follow
Garbage - Vow


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