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Posted:At first i couldn't even stop hitting myself BUT the smother and relaxed your moves are the more easier you can accomplish this trick!altough i still have a little problem when it comes to the reverse turn [from 180 to 360]Can anyone help?

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Posted:Just practice your BTB weave in forward and reverse. Sounds like you may be better at one direction than the other. Once you have them both rather comfortable, the turn should be a cinch.

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Posted:Does anybody have a slow motion clip of a, umm, reverse BTB weave [the more difficult one]. I did a search, but could only find clips of a 360 BTB weaves. I can't seem to get the reverse direction by itself confused

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Posted:Reverse is normally the easier one - the crossover happens with the hand that's stretching on the inside rather than the outside as is the case for forwards...

and the video gallery there, should be clips of BTB weaves smile

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Posted:hehehe, is this the move where your doing a forward 3bt, do a 180 so its backwards then 180 again so its forwards? if so yay i learned it a lil bit ago biggrin if you want could do a lil clip for ya...

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Posted:liquid... noted "btb" i topic? if you did; yeas it seemes like they are talking about normal 3beat and turns. btb.

the way i learnt btb was the usual 1 poi at the time. i think it helped a lot. another important thing is to concentrate on plane control. once the planes are broken i have to go back to normal weave and take a new entry to btb.

good luck!

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