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Can anyone give me some advice? I've been poiing for about two months now. I now have fire poi and use those whenever I'm outdoors, even to practice so I get the weighting right. But I'm after a new pair of material poi. My first pair are falling apart - they're also, to be honest really crap as I had no idea what I was lookig for. The cord gets twisted after about a minute of spinning so I'm constantly having to stop and untwist. The tails are really short and rather than two of them there are about 6 or seven stringy tails AND all the beans are falling out. Can anyone recommend a really good pair of longlasting material poi that will suit me even if I improve a fair bit, ones that will last me a while?

Also - what's the go on glow poi. Can I by heads and just detatch and attach different heads? Which ones does anyone reckon? I want them for when it's windy and rainy and for when my fuel runs out.

One final thing, I promise - I'm a bit confused by types of fuel. I have read that lighter fuel is fine to use and that lighter fuel is far too flammable to use - which one is it. As I'm using pure lighter fuel at the mo as I can't find parrafin anywhere!

Sorry if I bored you! But thanks!

Boardies xxx.

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dude, there's been over 50,000 threads on this board, many asking the same questions as these. Please, please, please run a search

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Also, try looking in the shop to see what's available. ie detachable glo heads etc

Lighter fuel's a bit poo, try using white spirits if you can't find paraffin, although it burns a little hotter and less brightly. Paraffin really is the king.

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Ok here is a quick idea from me

Get yourself a set of chains (ball or link whichever you like besy) Ball link doesn't need spinners but chain link is less likely to twist up with spinners. The chains can have quick links on the bottom. You can get fire heads, glow poi and fabric heads that attatch.

I have 2 sets of ball chains, one set slightly longer than the other, a set of fluffy poi heads, Cathedral fire wicks and some glow hacky sacks that I put in net bag to attach to the chains. I also use sock poi (basically some long socks with juggling balls inside them with a knot tied at the top for handles). I've made a set of cone poi but I used fabric that isn't very flexable so they aren't all that nice to spin even though they are quite pretty.

Glow poi and rain probably aren't that good a mix because I'm not too sure how waterproof any of them are as they have battery holes that don't in my experiance appear to be water tight.

I hope that helps a bit.... if not PM me and I'll try and clarify what I mean (my heads in the shed today so most of what I type is coming out meaning something to me but not a lot to anyone else ubblol )

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flid DUDE! many apologies for upsetting you with my thread - i searched and searched and could not find though.... give me some pointers and i'll try better in the future DUDE.....

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Like Skulduggery said, you can get a set of chains with qiucklinks on the ends and attach or detach whatever heads you want...

For material poi, I recommend the fluffy poi from the Home Of Poi Shop. They'll last for ages, unless you spin on concrete or ashpalt... But they'll rip any materials up anyway. If you get the ball chain fluffy poi set, you can put other heads on if you want to try fire or glow. I swapped the fluffy heads on mine for 2.5" monkeyfists...

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I can't believe you can't find parafin in leeds, Try the hardware store in the Shopping centre at the top of town (the topmost centre in the line of malls, at the opposite end to the train station) I think its called the merrion centre but I could be wrong. Its the one with morrisons in it. If you go down the corridoor that is right at the back, near to the ainsleys, and shop that sells world gifts, I think its labelled the merrion superstore. Go down this corridoor (that when I was at college, we called the time warp) then turn left, in one of the near corners on that side there is a hardware store, if they dont sell it, they should be able to tell you where does. I know places further out of Leeds, but they might not be much use to you.
I'd say parrafin is a safer and cooler flame but I might be wrong.

As the practice poi are concerned, go for slightly heavier heads with tails for more control (and more pain), I got some ok ones off ebay.

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longlasting material poi

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Sew cone shapes out of....
Heavy duty cotton
Denim (yes I know, it's the same but you know what I mean)
Long sleeve t-shirt arms

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Also - what's the go on glow poi. Can I by heads and just detatch and attach different heads

Yes. They're called glow balls and you put them inside something that is translucent like silk or cheap netting or washing tablet bags.

Fuel - Parafin is best, just look harder. You must have a B&Q or Homebase or similar somewhere in Leeds, farm shops, petrol stations etc. All garden centres sell parafin lamps for the garden, they all sell parafin to go with them too wink
It is also known as Lamp Oil and although when called this it tends to have extra chemicals in it to make it 'smokeless' it's the same thing and good enough to burn with.

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give me some pointers and I'll try better in the future

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Hi Boardies,

I belive all homebase stores sell parafin under the name "superwarm fuel" for the patio heaters and garden torches. lighter fluid burns much hotter and will transfer to other things (eg:you) very easily and as such should only realy be used when you actualy want to transfer flames such as advanced fire eating techniques and body burning (neither of which are recomended).

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