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Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Member Since: 7th May 2005
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Posted:Howdy HoP members! I am new to the forums, but not to the site. I am not completely a newb, but I have a good deal to learn. I would say that the most complex thing I can do is a few wraps with the weave and the btb butterfly. I was wondering if there are any good intermediate/advanced tricks I could work on. I need a little direction at the moment.



Location: los angeles
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Posted:btb weave :] reverse everything you can do now...be able to do everything leading with each hand :]

helps a great deal later on...expand every move you can do as far as you can go :]


Location: Ft. Myers, Florida
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Posted:hyperloops, flowers, isolations, can you do windmills yet? those are some of my favorites, then try making up routines and linking moves together

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linden rathen

Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:variations? ie the butterfly variation low wave > mexican wave and back again? have you tried using wraps in a move? eg TTN > reverse TTN (thread the needle :P) throws? contact throws? foutains? 5 bt weave :P

failing that go search for the jedi set and attempt anything there :P you may not manage it (i know i cant) but you can have fun maknig up semi moves :P ie 21bt weave followed by concussion :P


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Member Since: 7th May 2005
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Posted:Quick question (sorry, I am not too good at poi terminology), what are flowers, isolations, and fountains?


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they're probably not the best links but i got bored of searching

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