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Posted:hello eveyone,
wondering if you can share you experiences and knowledge about camping cheap or even better free biggrin in the UK
i shall be riding accross the uk in july / august with my lovely mieke smile
please check out my thread in the events section about this, and let me know if you live along the way so we can meet and play and stuff, i don't know how to link the thread to this one but it's called 'riding the uk'
yeah so what do you think about the camping stuff?

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The Tea Fairy
The Tea Fairy

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Posted:In the countryside there's quite a few places you can get away with camping for free, if you don't mind not having a shower or water or anything. Look for fields left fallow (no crops or livestock), farmers often won't object if you're only there for a night or two. Even better is common land, there's plenty of it around in Wales and the South-West.

There are also often cheap/free campsites near scenic places, the free ones don't usually have facilities. I'm sure if you go to any tourist info. office they'll find you a place you can camp within 10 - 15 miles.

Cities are a bit more tricky though. This post is a bit random, hope it's useful. smile

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Posted:I live in Uffington, near the white horse hill... there is camping there but you can camp on the ridgeway for free. and its beautiful! xxx

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Posted:in falmouth there's a campsite

only 4.50 for a tent per night, i think thats pretty resonable

pm mags or look up falmouth three for more info on that

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Posted:Theres loads of campsites in the Lakes and in scotland, most campsites in this country are only a few quid a night. The easiest thing would be to pop into your local tourist information and they should be able to either get you the information you need, or at very least tell you where to find it.

Hope that helps!

P.s. Have you thought about YMCA ing it, Membership costs a few quid and thats it. not the same as camping but very cheap!

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Posted:cool thanks, i shall indeed check out some info at the tourist info centres, i know that paying a few quid for camping isn't that much, but 50 nights in a row or more, it'll all ad up, so not paying as much as possible would be great smile
certainly don't mind about the no facilities bit, we can do without a shower here and there and we can get water during the day so it'll all be fine.
Nate, i know about Falmouth, i was there smile we were both bad at devilstick together remember?
Thanks Vix but i'm afraid we wont be there this time round but hope we'll catch you somewhere
pricklyleaf and tea fairy, thanks for the tips
you're all great

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Posted:I'd suggest turning up somewhere and having a quick scout around to find out if there are any out of the way places and bits of land that no one would notice you on umless they were really looking. Get expert at putting your tent up in the dark. If you get found in the morning.....well you were moving on anyway so what can they do? Other than that go to a local pub in the evening and get chatting to people about what you are doing and tell them you need a place to pitch the tent for the night. I'm sure you'll get some offers to put up your tent in someones gardens. People love to have stories to tell of how they helped a needy traveller on their journey. It gets them through those boring dinner parties they have to attend with their boss. Pick out the person that looks most disenchanted with their lot. Talk to them and infect them with your dream of travel. Its sure to work. Failing that just set up a list of where you will be on what date and we will book you into the Free Hotel of HoPpers homes.

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Location: no home, between homes, always...
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Posted:Thanks for the pointers skully, helping someone make themselves feel good by helping us sounds like an inventive plan. Nice one
i have posted a thread in the events section and it says all the places that we'll probably be staying along the way, the thread is 'riding the uk' so definitely please check it out. bounce bounce2
i got some devilsticks! yay

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Dragon Princess
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Posted:I've had many a night camped in the beer garden of remote country pubs when out walking, and even a few where I was invited to sleep on (or under) the pool table, when the weather is so bad the publican feels guilty for making you sleep outdoors.

So I second Skulduggery's advice.

However, be wary of the pool table option - On one occasion, I was dead tired and had to wait through a lock-in that lasted until 5am!

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