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In the interest of furthering diplomacy, I thought it'd be fun to look at some of the moves our Poi brothers and sisters have been inovating and seeing how, or even IF they could be incorporated into glowstick moves.

It'd also be interesting to see what moves have difficulty transferring the other way. I remember giggling like a spaz at my London folks trying to see who had the best sock or fire isolations. They were ALL pretty good.

Then again, it's nice to see moves like "Comb-overs" making such a smooth transition to glowsticks pioneered by our own diplomat TheBovrilMonkey.

NYC has been talking a bunch of crap about 'gumbys' without actually putting the time and energy into actually getting it done.

I think that it would be important to document what we've done on film as there seems to be some debate as to the authenticty of claims.

Poicopaths, can you give us some things to try that are specifically Poi?

And Glowstick kids, can you do them?

[Disclaimer: We're talking about a SPECIFIC move or skill that would be common to the Poi vocabulary. NOT can you do my 15 minute routine while I'm reciting pi to the 100th digit.]

I call isolated airwrap gumbys. I'll work on them tomorrow if it's sunny with my cone poi. I know I'll have to buy nothing but I'm on the case. And if you don't know what gumbys are, Durbs a do.


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