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i have masterd the basics of poi, but i want to move on to fire but im still not compleatly sure in ready! but i still wana make people go wow, somin more interesting that normal poi, so i was thinking electo poi? the glowstick ones.anygood? any problems with them? just a general personal oppinion would be fab.cheers guys

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Either electroglo poi or glowstick poi would be a nice thing to tackle before entering the wonderful world of fire. Electro/glowstick stuff definitely dazzles non-spinners because it leaves trails of light (circles, if you will, haha) in their eyes and makes the performance look like it flows more. Make sure that once you spin electroglo and glowstick that you get used to different weights before moving on to fire though. Wicks can be quite heavy, so it's nice to have the experience with extra weight beforehand.

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Electroglo's rock

I have a pair of Red ones, and I just put blue LEDs in the other end of em.....

The light trails are Oh so pretty

So much fire, so little body hair...

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Beaming poi are a great substitute for fire poi.They do have a nice effect and have the weight to get you ready for fire poi.

Though be wary of the Evil Death Poi.

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hey there HoP'ers, i was under the impresion that electro poi was glowsticks??? am i mistaken??? i have never spun fire but i do get a lot of cheers with glowsticks at partys and shit, especialy with the BTB weave turn to reverse BTB weave.

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naw... glowsticks are just glowsticks.
Sold at camping stores/KMart/Target/Megalomart... whatever. They're plastic and filled with glowing liquid and sell for a bit over $1 a piece if you shop online.

Electroglo are much more complicated electroni contraptions that are obviously reusable many times and sold here.

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Well, shall we go?
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If you want to talk about some nice light trails then screw the electroglo,go for the beamers.I was at a club in New Haven a couple hours ago and a photographer took a pic of me spinning a 5 beat weave with a digital camera.It literally looked like someone took a red pen and scribbled all over the picture.Seeing that gave me a new appreciation of beaming poi.


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glowage toys pop up yet again, seems like that search button hardly ever gets used anymore.

anyways glowtoys are kewl, good alternative for fire.

electroglo poi= kewl, i rate them, but not heavy enough for me.

beaming poi= fantastic, a must, you'll love them.
still prolly one of my favourite toys.

photons= crap, too light pointless, uness your a raver. even then, nuff said.

aerotech poi/ meteor= fantastic, if you can afford them. there isnt any thing better on the market. the meteor heads work better than the poi heads as the battery pack is at the bottom end.
costom colors, 2 colors in each poi, multi programable. retail £150 a pair

aerotech swinging cubs= i own some so i am biased. buy some. retail £215 a pair

cheap alternative that a lot of spinners do in the UK, but 2 aerotech strobeing globalls, put them in a little bag [clear / or netting] attach some string or chain, there you go... a little heavier than beamers but you get 2 colors multi programabe. retailing around £100 a pair maybe a little more.

anyways thats my two cents.
be kewl....

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For all you spinners in the States,PK should have mentioned that the English pound is about $0.60 more than the US dollar.So the Aerotech poi and meteors are around $220.00 a pair.

Aerotech's f***ing rock though.I got to use Dom's at the DECOM and they are great.Any of you who don't have a clue as to what we are talking about click here Aerotech

If I ever get my shit together I am so getting a pair.

By the way PK I found a use for photons.Just clip'em on your beamers.As NYC said they look right bitchin.

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good idea man, i forgot you did that with yours.
a frind of mine twirs some and if they catch your trousers or anything they turn off. not good i a club. they look good though, nifty little things with 3 colors, i like those, a little pricey too for what they are, well last time i looked.
erm ponders the thought of minero's new aerotech costom staff £££ cant wait to see that.
erm now theres a thought, seems today has been pretty kewl, my financial situation aint looking too bad, decided to let me have a credit card... erm ponders the last time this happend... right wheres that aerotech link.

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I can't believe I forgot the photon link.They got some nice photons for anyone who is interested.


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Earlier there was a link posted for cheep Rav'N lights:


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