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Posted:so whilst i lay there late last night watching tv, and kinda wrecked, on comes the news.they started to talk about graffiti in manchester and the surrounding areas, and then they showed tha gas works! i was then quiet impressed to see hoppers in bright orange letters (thanx to mike i think)
on the north west tonight news bulletin! lol

this apple juice is a bit milky isnt it?!

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Posted:haha u naughty naughty people!!! (Havokist - do i still get a stencil?) xxx

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Posted:haha thats pretty cool smile

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Posted:you'll get a stensil when i can get hold of some decent hard that doesn't fall apart after one spray smile

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Posted:lol, well it did have signs sayin it was allowed there wasnt there...........ubblol

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Posted:lol wow, funny stuff guys :P
Not exactly the best way to get on TV< but a good one none the less wink
Maybe next time you should be on the news for your spinning skills rather than pretty names :P

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