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Fireworks Dance Company is about to launch Term 2 for 2005. The increasingly popular shenanigans of ... beginners poi, staff, double staff, contact, devilstix, diabolo, unicycle, stilts, juggling...8 weeks for $100.
NEW: master classes happening in poi, single and double staff with guest masterpyros from interstate as well as FWDCo crew.
ALSO: masterclasses for choreography and direction of existing works, also open to international participants. Enquire for more info. Check it out at

and then....Watch out for Vyvyan making a dick of herself on Channel 7, Coxy's Big Break with Circus Oz in the next couple of weeks.
Also.... Tap Dogs and their new show Beats Per Minute, currently touring around Victoria....starring the Tap Dogs crew doing POI while tapdancing, thanks to the brainbending tap-poi teaching talents of FWDCo's Melissa and Chris aka Pyrobastard.
.. and just when we thought we were a subculture too freaky for the mainstream, reality TV has finally reached us...its called Celebrity a partnership with Silvers Circus and a helping hand from FWDCo....and its gonna have fiiiiiiire...we're not sure which celebrity is gonna cop it just yet. But theyre gonna go aaaaaalll the way....does fuel melt silicone? guess we'll find out, teehee.

cheers and Miss Anthropie

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can you tell us who the master pyros teaching the twirling masterclasses are?


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