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Posted:If male:
Post your best chat up lines here and share them about

If Female:
Read the aformentioned chat up lines and rate them out of 10

here we go:

Male: 10 ton polar bear?
Female: What?/ Pardon?
Male: Well it broke the ice. Whats your name?

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Posted:I'd like to wrap your legs around my head and wear you like a feed-bag.

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Posted:This thread really should be called "Opening lines to get your face slapped."




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Posted:"That dress would look great on my bedroom floor."

(lick finger and touch target's top)
"What say you come back to mine and get out of those wet clothes?!"

---------------------With a bit of luck, his life was ruined; always thinking that just behind some narrow door, in his favourite bars, men in red woolen suits are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know.


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Posted:On the subject of getting slapped, after a drunken conversation with some friends last night i asked one of my slightly more intoxicated than the rest of us friends to try one of his favourite lines. you can't even think what happened so i'll tell you.

My friend (bob, name changed to protect the innocent) spots a loverly lady as they're called down here and canoodles up to her.
"Evening my darling, want to see my purple headed mustard chucker?'
Poor lady raises her hand to a good 78 degrees and swings full force at his already red face. WHAM right acroos the cheek!

What's even more fun is she's the daughter of one of my lecturers. AARGH

Fourty five minutes till i see him. I think i'm going to shit my pants.

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Posted:a Real man doesn't need pick up lines
all he needs to say is hello or tell me about yourself

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Posted:Right on Newton.

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