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Posted:Several people have asked for a full list of commands that people can use on the chatroom's web interface, so I've listed the bellow. To use, substitute the word in angle brackets either a nickname or message (as specified) and type it into the line where you'd normally type something to say, and hit return.

/me <message> - Send an emotion with the message specified
/quit - Quit with no message
/quit <message> - Quit with the message specified
/whois <nickname> - Gives information about the user specified
/whowas <nickname> - Gives information about when the user specified was last logged in
/nick <newnick> - Changes your nickname

/glow blue - Makes your nickname turn blue
/glow red - Makes your nickname turn red
/glow green - Makes your nickname turn green

/slap <nickname> - Makes you slap the user specified
/bite <nickname> - Makes you bite the user specified
/tickle <nickname> - Makes you tickle the user specified
/thwap <nickname> - Makes you thwap the user specified (don't ask me, ask Mech)
/glomp <nickname> - Makes you glomp the user specified (don't ask me, ask Elanna)
/climb <nickname> - Makes you climb into the lap of the user specified

/pounce <nickname> - Test it and see
/regyt <nickname> - Test it and see
/gnor <nickname> - Test it and see
/flid <nickname> - Test it and see
/narr <nickname> - Test it and see
/bobo <nickname> - Test it and see
/nx <nickname> - Test it and see
/elanna <nickname> - Test it and see


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Posted:cheers for puting this up.

most apreciated.


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Posted:at lkast my legned is passing into the minds of all , with thwapping becoming a normal code, does that mean soon it will be normal practice?

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Posted:thwapping..god i hope not!!! tongue

i like my command biggrin cheers flid kiss

she who sees from up high smiles

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Posted:Is the chat room any good?
I've not been in it before and can't cause I'm in work...

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Posted:yes the chatroom is loads of fun. we tend to get very silly, especially with gnor around

just keep swimming, just keep swimming

hey! i speak whale!

i like my command too biggrin

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