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Posted:Anyone know any good poi websites that show you other moves then HoP b/c i dont have anyone to teach me so i teach myself with fire and glowsticks. i gues jsut post some good websites if interested in helping. weavesmiley

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Posted:I've made a site www.motsplace.com
Coleys got a wicked site www.domorepoi.com
www.spherculism.com is also very cool

There is also a german site with about a million different tutorials
Cant remeber the url though. Theres also one or two threads on hop that are pretty ultimate when it comes to handy links if you feel like pressing the search button. Well that should keep up entertained for the minute biggrin

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Posted:do I have to be the person to spout off about the safety issues of learning/teaching oneself BY oneself WITH FIRE??? come on, i KNOW theres onea you board junkies out there just waiting to pounce on this one....

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Posted:motsplace was the first place id recomend, your sites damn good! biggrin

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