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ado-pGOLD Member
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Hey Folks

Was just watching this

and i thought.

I want some curved sticks.

Any ideas what metal would be bestest for bending/maintaining that kind of shape?

Ali? Titanium? Mild Steel?

Ideally the curved parts would be flat/wide to maximise the visual effect but i dont think i have the means ot make something like that. Tube i can get bent into shape here at work though.

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ImmortalAngelSILVER Member
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He is the master, after all wink And I'm not sure, and I doubt it, but I swear to god the curvy metal things he had changed shape during his performance O.O Or maybe he's just that good...

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PeleBRONZE Member
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I think one of the things I am facing with this is getting proportion correct. I want my arc(s) uniform and smoothe, but to also fit my body.

I perform during daylight, so to me it is very important.

However, for night use, is there a plastic that is somewhat bendable but will hold a shape once put there? Did that make sense at all? I'd like a clear plastic curved (into various shapes) this even possible? I don't want to tape a bunch of segments together as the obvious strength of it would be greatly diminished. Ideas? Thoughts?

Now, here's a question for ya'll.

What's the point of fire on these? I've seen the curved staves used at night and the impact of it being curved is completely lost to the darkness. It looks little to no different than a straight staff unless there is lighting going on. Which makes me believe that actually figuring out artistic manipulation of these is far more important and impressive than fire use.


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Deamon_LlamaBRONZE Member
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I don't think that the curvyness would work well with fire, but if you lit their lengths with LED's then it should work fine.

I'm not sure what the material was called, but in woodwork at school we used some sort of plastic that would become malleable when heated, but it stayed clear. Although I don't go to school anymore, I can ask my brother to go and annoy the teacher until he says what it is, if you like.

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If you only had the end on fire, it would serve no purpose, but if you had rope like wicks on it, it would like amazing.

And Pele, what you want is Clear Acyrilic (sp?) tubing. Heat it up in the oven or someother method if your oven is too small, and bend into shape with hot/oven/kevlar gloves on. Hold it there (mold?) for about 3 mins then leave it for about an hour. If it's gone wrong, stick it on the heat again, and it will straighten back to normal again so you can try again.

Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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hey guys, I notice that there are at least two performers who use LED lit curved staves, has anyone else had luck in rigging a set together, and if so, can you share how the power source is integrated? thanks mang!

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willworkforfoodjnrSILVER Member
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I'd be interested in that too - I'm planning on making a set in the near future.

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