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lovable smart-ass
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Posted: just found this on my mates website:

elevator disco

rocky prank

it cracked me up and i thought id share.

imagine doing this at your office.. mwahahaha

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they are brilliant. one of my mates wanted to make the rocky one for a school thing, now i can prove he didnt think of it himself...

good idea though biggrin.


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Carpal \'Tunnel
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That Rocky one is a true classic.

How he had the balls to actually do some of those stunts, I will not know.



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Posted:ubblol classic

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:i love the disco one hehehehehe!

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Liquid Cow
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Posted:Not a video, but still a class prank nonetheless.
I really want one.

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Posted:That Rocky one was pretty damn funny.

Life is so much funnier if you're not worried about being arrested for stuff. wink

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Yes, let's go.
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Basu gasu bakuhatsu - because sometimes buses explode
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Posted:I say...

Get 5 shaving cream bottles. Put them in liquid nitrogen. crack the casings, and stuff the frozen shaving cream into a friend's car. Close all doors and windows. The shaving cream heats up and expands to fill the whole car.


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Mumma Hen
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Posted:damn dial up!!! I wanna see rocky!!

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Posted:I was wondering where it was filmed, the Rocky one... I think France, because when he jumps on the counter, there's french on it... Dunno! But the McDonald drinks are amazing biggrin:D

~ Bobo

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Your Face!
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Posted:I've alway's wanted to put mayonaise and warm water in a super soaker and go blasting people with it!

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Posted:Superb..I wonder if the guy chasing him down the street caught him.

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Spontaneously Combustable

Spontaneously Combustable

The cuter FRD
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Posted:I good one is a water melon and a thunder flash, hollow out a bit of the watermelon, shove the lit thunder flash inside and run into a room filled with people.... but a very large mess will follow ubblol

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:i've done elevator pranks, but none as good as that. first class!


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fire fly

fire fly

Location: middle earth: New Zealand

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Posted:stupid computers at internet cafe's i wanna see rocky but its not opening it just saying can not find server


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Posted:one word.... brilliant!!

me and a friend who knows how to string as well were getting people together to attempt a rave at abercrombie & fitch cause of the godawful techno with the half-ass bass. We decided since the constant bass reminded us of a rave, we had to do it. We got all our candy together and we're working on getting around 10 more people to go in and sit up against the walls with the hologram-dealio glasses and flashing binkeys and all while we crack the strings and bust out. We also brought a PS2 to hook up to a random TV on a stand in hte mall that's supposed ot be advertising this product... there's noone at the stand and you're supposed to just take a brochure. However, we ALL know such things are useless, so we're gunna have to play some PS2 in the middle of the mall.

those are my lame-ass but favorite planned pranks to do.


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old hand
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Posted:hahahaaha ubblol

i love the vids, konsti, especially the disco one

zim: great, you can join the mobile clubbing movement;ChannelID=2504

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