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(I tried searching, but couldn't find anything.)

So... I got the 5 beat weave _forwards_, but how do I do it backwards? something just goes wrong when I try to take it a step further from the backwards 3 beat weave and do 5 (4) frown

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I searched "reverse 5 beat weave" under "poi moves" and found tons.

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alvheidfairy of light
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oh, so "reverse" is the magic word tongue thanks, I'll try that smile

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DoktorSkellSILVER Member
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Its exactly like the forwards five beat, but backwards.

I swear, i hear all these people having heaps of trouble learning weave based moves.

It really isnt hard. if you can do a forwards five beat weave, almost any type of weave you could want to learn shouldnt be too hard to grasp if you practise hard

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JayKittyGOLD Member
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im having trouble with it too, i was jealous when my friend got it. She said that she was spinning poi while sitting on her couch and the she hung herself upside down and watched her hands and then she tried it and now she can do it. Ummm good luck?

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star childBRONZE Member
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easier said than done people need a little more than just do everything u no backwards and practice hard. just put ur poi down do the hand movement for the 5 beat then just try it rewind mode or get a freind to record ur hands doin it forward for about 5-10mins watch til the end then watch it in rewind over and over until u no the hand movements then practice til u dont hit urself anymore. weavesmiley

alvheidfairy of light
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well, I practised a lot, sometimes using sticks instead of poi just so I could understand the moves, and now I can do it on the left side, and almost on the right side ubbrollsmile

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ficklampaBRONZE Member
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i nailed it the day after i had nailed the forward 5 beat.
it was simply practise that was needed.
i think one helpful advice is to first do the weave forward and turn.
don't worry about smacking your head.
if you turn you are pretty much forced to do the 5 beat.
also helpful is to understand that it is that you are doing and what is diferent between the 3beat and 5beat.

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Elemental666GOLD Member
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I just turned to learn the reverse.... do the 5 bet forwards, then instead of crossing back over, turn... When your doing it forward the opposite hand leads the side change by passing over the other hand, IE. Spinning on right side of body, the left hand crosses to the left side when it passes over the right hand. When you turn the same hand will lead the side change by passing under the opposite hand, IE> Spinning on left side the left hand will lead the side change when it passes under the right hand.

It helps to try to fling the poi to the other side of your body...

shen shuiSILVER Member
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i find that for doing reverse 5-beat it is beneficial to have your hands raised higher (say, about shoulder or head height), and to really move from your hips rather dramatically from side to side when transitioning... much more so that for forward 5-beat weave...

also, turning DOES help... like, from going foward 5beat to rev. 5 beat back to forward 5 beat etc like you're turning in a circle...

and isn't it funny how one side gets it earlier than the other..? i found also that my right side learnt it slower than my left...
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