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Gnarly Cranium
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Gnarly Cranium

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Posted:I've been looking through old threads for a while, digging in all sorts of interesting topics. Along the way, I keep coming across statements like "oh if you think so-and-so is good, you haven't seen nothing" and "anybody who's REALLY good hasn't got the time or the interest to enter COL", "nobody who's REALLY good comes around HoP" or, often from the more famous members, "oh I'm really just starting, I've seen so MANY people so much better than me it's sick"

So if these elusive-yet-plentiful-yet-never-seen mythical figures of Insanely Spectacularness aren't on any of the video compilations, don't have websites, don't participate in any forums, and don't have up any online videos.... where the hell ARE they, then? They certainly aren't in movies. Did they all run off and join some circus in Siberia or what?

"Ours is not to question The Head; it is enough to revel in the ubiquitous inanity of The Head, the unwanted proximity of The Head, the unrelenting HellPresence of The Head, indeed the very UNYIELDING IRRELEVANCE of The Head!" --Revelation X

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