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Ok, i'm a n00b (something i hate to say)
I've been wanting to get into poi and twirling for a while and finally have a job to fund it! But i just saw some fans, and i've fallen in love ubblove
I searched through the other threads, and have found out quite a bit, but i was wondering, are there any sites dedicated to the fans? And/or sites with tutorials? Any tips etc are also very appreciated!

Thanks biggrin

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Its not going to help you but there is a flagging conference coming up with a fan workshop but its in NYC...

flagging stuff

Maybe if you look under some of the flagging sites you will find some more fan work. Ive recently seen some beautiful tiedied sets of fans somewhere.

If you want firefans have a look at Blackmuffins gallery. They look great.

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my newest set of fans:They're done in a bit of a tropical motif to match a set of flags i have, colour wise. hence the little parrot and toucan stickers on the spines hehe. the circles in the sails as well as the spines themselfs are Uv Sensitive and will pop in black lights. and the sails are Lames, which will shimmer and pick up normal club ligting as well. also on the spines are sparkly stuff that'll give a flash as they spin as well.


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Yeah good point. Ive been wanting some fans but Id have no idea what to do with em. Looked all over the net and I cant find any lessons anywhere frown

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are we talking about flags or fans?

for firefans, it directly takes moves from poi spinning (which there are millions of threads on) and club spinning (which there arent as many threads on, but theres still info on the board). learn a bit of each and combined them.

I dont really see the need for much separate information specifically on fan moves because I think most of them are covered by poi and club threads.

also a mirror helps. much of the coolness of the fans is from the beauty of the visual effect. look at your different moves in a mirror and work out what looks the best.

Id also recommend looking at some different forms of dance as well to move your body around a bit.

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I have another question. I have a bellydance gig after my courses this year (in june) And I woould like to do a little show with fans. But I'm not sure it is possible, I've never seen anyone do firefans inside before and I know the bellydance party will be indoors.

Does anyone know a solution or any other idea's for me? For example I've chosen de led poi already instead of fire ones.

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I just put my order in for fire fans and should be getting them soon! Will likely be partaking in this thread when I get them and as I experiment with them smile


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Hey doll, you have a couple of options for non fire. If you have a blacklight, UV material works well, either wrapped around the wicking, or stretched across the spines for a fuller look. The latter will change the look of your moves considerably though, so texture/design is a good idea.

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