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I got this email from bt the other day..

are they doing what I think they are doing....but for free?


"Dear Mr UCOF,

We're always looking for ways to offer BT Yahoo! Broadband customers the best possible service, and that's why we're busy upgrading your line to 2Mb. That's twice your current speed. You will be pleased to know that, as a BT Yahoo! Broadband 1Mb customer, you'll receive this upgrade first. In addition, we're reducing your price for three months, giving you even better value.

You don't have to do a thing
Rest assured, this upgrade is at no extra cost to you and it requires no extra equipment. It will happen sometime between 17th February and 9th March 2005.

Most upgrades will take place automatically - you won't need to do anything and there will be no need for an engineer to visit. On the actual day of the upgrade, you may experience a short loss of service - this should be less than 30 minutes. In the unlikely event that your line cannot support 2Mb, we'll let you know as soon as possible.

Not a penny more
We're reducing the cost of your BT Yahoo! Broadband service by 2.99 a month (from 29.99* down to 27.00*) for three months from February or March - depending on your billing date.
You'll keep your 30GB (gigabyte) monthly usage allowance with your new 2Mb service. 30GB usage is more than enough for the vast majority of customers. For example, you can send and receive about 500 photos and watch 6 hours of video downloaded from the web each week."


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Yes, thats all ok. I've just been upgraded too (although I'm not on BT)

It's to do with a mass price lowering going on, not sure why though, but it's notmal.

Yay though!

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Same happenned to me about a 2years ago going from 1/2meg to 1 1/2 meg Telewest. Twas just keeping you upto date and preventing you from going elsewhere for less money. Note that this doesn't happen on AOL! I was watching their upgrade advert the other day and noticed the faintest small print that said it wasn't applicable to current customers! Robbing gits!

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aparently they are all going to focus upon providing services through the web, like SkyPe and stuff. So it's in their best interests to have lots of people with really good web connections.

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It sounds to me like the fees will be increased at the end of a three month period though.

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Its cause BT wholesale have changed their pricing structure, it's now totally about bandwidth usage than speed of connection. Thus it costs an ISP no more to offer 20Gb a month at 512k than it does for 20Gb at 8mb.

So, just because iot's faster it doesn't mean you can download more smile

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go with Telewest wink No usage limits, beautiful connection without any problems, customer service not in india and actually very helpful, have often hit 1.8meg on bandwidth tests on a 1.5meg line biggrin

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