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last night i tryd some things and ...
i have the wave now , but i dont understand the way to do a 3 , 4 , 5 , wave ??? bounce weavesmiley bounce

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humm, do you mean weave?

if you do look at the smiley at the bottom of your post, thats a 3 beat weave, the rest dont really matter.

T wave weavesmiley

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Check out the 'free lessons' from this site, they show a demonstration on 5 beat weave, but in all reality, I haven't found a practical use of using anything higher than 3 beats. It's cool and all to be able to go higher, but not too many people notice it when you go higher.

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There are definately some nice things done with 4 and 5 beats... Beyond that, it gets a bit rediculous but 5 is rather important.

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sometime it's usefull to know the 5beat... i.e. when coming out from a 4beat windmill, but at the "wrong" side.

but maby you don't do that too often? confused

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While we're here, can anyone give some pointers on a 7-beat weave? biggrin
And im sure i heard someone mention a 9-beat, but surely thats just silly ubbloco

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