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flash fire
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flash fire

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Posted:Saw this sorta thing on another site recently (Bender will find this very familiar) and thought, in conjunction with the new Official Rumour Thread, it might be amusing.

The Deal: Confess something random.. Has to be true though!

I'll start: When I was in 4th Grade, I told a few of my classmates that I was a vampire. I had obviously developed a case of Corey Haim infatuation thanks to The Lost Boys film, and developed a large and complex story about my abduction, biting, transformation and reassimilation into school life as a vampire. Fortunately, I wasn't 100% vamp yet, but was eagerly seeking my first feed. I think I actually acted slightly bezerk a couple of times; to enhance the hunger driven madness and my inhumane cravings for blood.

I think this went on for a few weeks until eventually my parents were called into the school to have a mystery meeting with my teacher. Apparently I had scared the crap outta some of the girls I told and they had been getting bad nightmares and told their parents. So I was asked to stop and "an eye kept on me" to ensure I wasn't an 8 year old psychopath or something!

anyone else got a confession?

Please, tell Mother Confessor.

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Posted:So who's that then DFQ???

whats up with all the limitations?


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Posted:Ahem...would you be referring to my escapades the other night, DFQ?

Beauty is the conscious sum of all our perversions.-Salvador DaliHope without action is hopeless.


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Posted:I LOVE THOSE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!
Hes an awesome writer,
Zedds my favorite, But Gratch is awesome.




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Posted:well, this one time, in band camp... just kidding. um, this is pretty innocent, but i like it anyways.

when i was in kindergarten, i took my stuffed bear "smokey" to school one day. as i had a pair of scissors on hand and he was lookin a bit scruffy, i gave him something of a hair cut, fully expecting it to grow back. still hasn;t.

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Posted:Well I convinced my little sister that she was adopted and that when she turned twelve we were gonna sell her on the black market as a work slave. She was terrfified and when asked how old she turning on her 8th b-day she said she was turning 3. My dad and stepdad still don't knnnow that I told her that as I made her shut her mouth. Now excuse me as I go back into oblivion

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Posted:All right then, Byron...

In a movie theater during a movie ("Turner and Hooch". Boorring flick!!)

On a bus going over Hwy 17 between Santa Cruz and San Jose (at night...)

On an ride at an amusement park

On a cleaner note, an old lover of mine (movie theater, amusement park ) bears a notable resemblance to Alex Lifeson of the band Rush. 'Course Jeffois is about 15 years younger, but it didn't stop several people at a Halloween party from believing that the guy in the pirate outfit was Alex Lifeson...

I like Vegemite.

Sometimes i wish i were Canadian.

I like Gerry and the Pacemakers and the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

Okay here's a biggie, you folks are privileged to hear this, 'cos i don't tell many people...

My first name from my birth certificate is Dorothy.

and no, that does NOT meant that my "real name" is Dorothy. My real name is Jade, i went on down to the courthouse and ponied up $44, now i have the piece of paper to prove it...

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Posted:quote:Originally posted by elahu:
I once got busy in a burger king bathroom....I can beat that!

I got busy not once but yes yes three times in a 5 hour bus ride in Brazil.

We almost got caught but we played nice and didnt get caught...




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Posted:Amusing confessions the only one I can think of at the moment isn't that great, I think it was one of those things where you had to be there to get it, but here goes.

One time I was the lake with a bunch of friends and we were on a dock that was ancored down a little ways from shore. This 10 year old boy came up to us and really started to piss me off... not that its very hard for a kid to do *cough*. ANYWAYS, after a while of his annoying empty threats and boasting I told him "If you dont shut up, I swear I will stab you" of course he didn't believe me, I was wearing a bathing suit, he told me I was a liar. I glared at him and through gritted teeth said "Girls tend to have more hiding places then guys". He left us alone after that and my friends were just trying not to fall in the water from laughing at the expression on the kids face.

Ok, so you like DONT remember. I was here before, frolicking about with a bunny on my head and you said 'Let's dance' and I said 'Oook' and the next thing I know you are all FOOM with the fire and the evil and the killing... and what kind of person scares the poo out of a 10 year old girl anyways huh, HUH?!? ... ... ... I DON'T LIKE POO! *turns to bunny* AND SHUT UP!Ohhhh.... whats that sweet smell? It smells kind of like cookies... or death.... or them uhhhh death cookies!AHHHHH!!!!.... wait a minute... didn't I set you on fire and burry you in the backyard?


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Doc Lightning

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Posted:Um...gosh, I was such a goody-goody.

Well, when I was in high school, some friends of mine and I wrapped the Principal's car in Saran Wrap. We made sure that it was just one layer thick, too. The thing about this prank is that unless the person is looking for it, they probably won't notice until they get right up next to their car.

So we hung out in the bushes waiting for him to come out to his car. And sure enough, he walked right up to the car with his key ready to go into the lock when he suddenly stopped and said loudly "Oh shit!" The look on his face was priceless.

How we managed to stay quiet and not get caught is beyond me.

Yeah, that's the worst I did until college. Sad, huh?

-Mike )'(
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Posted:the syran wrap on cars thing is fun.

i haev friends who enlisted a drunk custodian to hide their beer cans for them. i wasn't actually part of that, i was trying to convince a frosh not to walk on the emergency stair railings whilst drunk.

i was part of the raid team that stole the "freezer-in-a-can" stuff to try and cool down warm beer though. mostly cause i wanted to see if it would work. the drunk custodian got rid of that too.

high school was weird.

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Shalom VeAhavah

New Hampshire has a point....


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Posted:As i was reading this i was trying desperatly to think of something bad i done, and couldent. 'shurly I must have, im not all that nice.... ohhhhh yes'

Im not proud of thease, especially the first one, and maybe a little proud of the second...

Walking through the streets of Edinburgh with my friend one day we passed a family going the other way. A young child with a silver helium ballon was lagging behind and without really knowing why I... poked it. Just a little poke, with my finger, but enough to release it from his clutch and send it soaring into the sky. As the kid began to cry I hurried by and avoided my friends astonished eye. I am not proud. I am however damm glad his dad didnt see.

Also I used to work as a courier in Melbourne, which holds a wealth of nasty tales but the best was heading at speed through a pedestian crossing on red. There was a woman in power shoulders looking at the ground and making 'yup yup yup' sounds into her handheld phone. I judged it perfectly, I mean, minutly and brushed past her toes like a two wheeled ghost, "SHIT!" she screamed down the phone. I grinned evily and cycled on.

anything else is porbibly so bad ive repressed it.

have fun y'all.


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