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Trippie Hippie
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Trippie Hippie

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Posted:Just thought that i would share my excitement(sp) with you all, i have just brought a Didgeridoo!!!!!
Yay, gonna giz it a go tonight can't wait!!!!
Its a big mo' fo' tho' its about 6ft tall!!!!
Will let you know how it goes....
Taking it easy
Last night i met some pixies and we danced around a stone.

Trippie Hippie- Monty Dons secret love child

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"Last night i met some pixies and we danced around a stone".

Because dressing up is fun.

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Posted:Cool Are you able to circular breathe?

Are we nearly there yet?



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Posted:Oooh! A few of my friends play the didge, it sounds so cool when you get good!

Nice one Trippy

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Posted:yohoooooooo!! didji powerrrr!!!!
i've got a friend who is REALLY good at it, we made an improvised show with him playing the didji and me swinging orange glowsticks and it was A W E S O M E!!!! it was really great, he played some neat rythms and i just danced around, in the end i nearly fell some times cos' i was SO tired...(no, no drugs involved )...
didgeridoo is great for spinning, specially fast rythms.... try it some time

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