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Posted:I'm not happy with my wash...

Had a great weekend last week, birthday and a fire performance at leeds which was fantastically well recieved leading to a booking at edinburgh's "sorron" (sp??) at halloween. met some great people, mastered five beat weave backwards (remebering that i dont DO poi lol!!)and bought some luvverly new tail poi.

Then this weekend, mates party, had too much at one time and couldnt come down till 8am, had to be at work for 10am. felt sick all day and wanted to cry. Logged on at lunchour only to find my website had been hacked and was covered in porno shit. Cried over that and tried to clean it up. Cannot, URL is screwed.

Came home from work and went to play with new poi, they ripped. Thought fuck! so went to play with my double glowstaves. LEDS are broken. The green one broke ten mins before my performance last week and i was pissed off but replaced it with a glowstick so was okay, no glowsticks here so really cried.

now neither green one will work unless you hold it really tight (the connection is crap)and jam it into the tube with something lodged. but thats only sometimes...


decided to feel better by going to chip shop on way to boyfriends house...while carrying fire staff. Notice some freak following me through side streets. get creeped out so call boyf on mobile who starts to walk to meet me halfway, hang up phone, keep walking.

near meeting point, freak jumps me and i scream. i always thought while carrying my staff i would spin some eights and scare the shit out of would be attacker.

No way, I just grabbed it and twatted this guy so hard i thought i was going to pass out...i'm only 5ft tall so it was terrifying.

boyf heard screams and ran to meet me, guy ran away. Went to police today and apparently am third person this happened to.

So overall shitty week

had to vent soz

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Posted:Big hugs lass! Sorry to hear it's been an awful week. Bad weeks happen and it gets you on a down escalator to depression. But there is always a sunny side waiting somewhere! Like you weren't hurt, you're still alive and well. And you've got a gig up in Edinburgh!

Hope this week gets better!

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Posted:big hugz!

hope things get better that's a really rough time.

peace & love & lots of healing energy


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Posted:huuuuuge hugs hun

sucks that you not having fun and stuff
hope all works out soon

hugs and lots of fluff
lolli x x

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Posted:You're amassing quite a stack of hugs there. what are you planning to do with them in the end?

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Posted:Here is another to add to your collection


May I suggest making a collage?

I am really proud of you for bonking that guy on the noggin, like he deserved. That is really really brave. You done good, grrrl...

It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...




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Posted:i'm bunking all those hugs in a jar to keep for later when i feel really down...

thanks guys, got a little better today, boyf fixed my website so happier...

have three bruises from freak encounter. quite good really...

vic xx

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Posted:Owww, that's crap sweetie! Good on you though for trusting your instincts.... Re: poi problems... what else can I say than stick to your trusty staves!!

Hey Rozi - did you know that to "bonk" someone in Australia has a slightly different meaning than it does to you!??

Had to read the sentence twice before I realised!

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Posted:Thats crap. But you taught him for messing with a lady with a staff.

And we thought staff's were just fun to play with, but no they can save us too.

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Posted:hugs and smiles and sunshine and good vibes too
hope this week smiles at you

shine on

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Posted:Another hug for your collection, but this one is in dutch for the novelty factor...


....and next time, remeber the softest bit of a bloke is the testicles, ONE swing into those beats a hundred hits to the noggin!

Good on ya, hope it didnt freak you too much!


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Posted:hey flashfire, yep, I realise. I did consider very carefully, but "bonk" has a much more hollow sound than any other word I could think of, a true representation of hitting an empty head...

(but I would never use the phrase "bonked him in the balls", despite the aliteration it would take it to new levels of meaning that are just wrong, wrong, wrong... )

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It was a day for screaming at inanimate objects.

What this calls for is a special mix of psychology and extreme violence...



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Posted:Twirlly Vic I feel deeply sorry for you.
but with every monment in life there is a lesson learned.
twirlly vic your lesson is to carry a gun (Staff is only shor range ) sorry i had to add that

I hope you get better soon and feel like your on top of the world again (with a gun)

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Posted:***Huuuuge hug to vic***

I know how you feel, things just seem to be going wrong after one thing after another - but still. You still managed to beat the guy down with your staff!!! I managed to have a lot of girlfriend problems at reading festival (cow cheated on me, split up... Kinda regretted it, thought we could work it out when i found her with a new dude already) and things have just been a bit confusing since... But still, it doesn't compare to you!

(((((((((( biiiig huggle ))))))))))

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