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Posted:anyone else think they need to offer better HOP clothes? the t-shirt is ok, but how bout a long sleeve or a hoody. who needs an HOP polo? maybe more color variety in the t-shirts or something. i love this site and i would love to show it but im not partial to black and there is no way im wearing a polo.

just a thought.

roberts ubbloco

if anyone orders Merlot, i'm leaving.

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Posted:maybe malcolm should sell socks?


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Posted:Written by: flid

maybe malcolm should sell socks?

eek Arf? Wha'd I do?!?

I'm weird. Just work through that and we'll all be fine.

"If you are a dog and your owner suggests that you wear a sweater suggest that he wear a tail." - Fran Lebowitz


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Posted:Written by: Socks

Written by: flid

maybe malcolm should sell socks?

eek Arf? Wha'd I do?!?

You're not buying the HoP clothes, so they've got to make some money off of you somehow! tongue Could they tattoo a logo on your a$$, tie a handle on your tail, and call it HoP trademark poi?

You can't fall off the floor, but sometimes you need a chair to reach the cookie jar.


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Posted:I agree as well with the being unable to find them in the glow rave section. that is only a portion of poi spinners who will look at that, they would even to better in the fire spinning bit if you can't give them a section on their own

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