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Hello everyone,

Time moves on and I think some spaces are still left for a Poi retreat. Check out Nicks website PlayPoi Studio If you are interested in an intensive workshop this is the place to go.

Teacher will be Nick from (Circles of Light 4). He has a deep relation to Poi, a great experience as a teacher and is the most perfectionist spinners I have ever seen.

Tought will be in a 900 ft2 Dance Studio with a 10000$ Sound System (If we can fix it soon wink) Wall Mirrors and a video system to check your behind the back moves ubbloco

Extracurricular Activities will also be offered beerchug biggrin


2280 East Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC, Canada

If you are interested or if you have any question: post here, write a PM, call the Studio (Canada:604.215.1581) or write an Email to

And if you know anyone that might be interested - please tell them

Looking forward to hear from you

all the best


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if only i were home....

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These guys rock! I just recently did a retreat with them and had my poi-mind blown & am still processing everything I picked up in my time with them. Hands down two of the most amazing poi players I've ever seen. Plus they're sweet guys to boot. If you're even mildly interested -- go!

(hi andy! hug2 )

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ubblove I wish.......

If you could bring it to the uk I'd be there for sure, and should I be in Vancuver one day expect to be entertaining one more in you poi palace smile

Let's relight this forum ubblove

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Bump - for an update.

Promotion Videos are out and some of you might be interested.



hug blueboy - cu soon and looking forward biggrin
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does he ever consider visit to toronto

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why does stuff like this never happen in edmonton or calgary?

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