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Posted:does anybody else have a problem with the HoP menues up at the top? for me, they keep coming down when i move my cursor up to the top to use the navigation buttons. not a serious problem, but its a constant anoyance mad soapbox


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Posted:*nod* i have to agree

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Posted:yeah and they dotn go away for a while.

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I hate them when you are typing a long message and hit return. You get bounced off to some random link. Grrrrr.....
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Posted:I love that smiley biggrin

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Posted:I think they're preferable to the way they used to be ie as a sidebar menu which was constantly there and using up screen space.

At least the way they are now you can avoid problems by not putting your cursor over them.

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Posted:I can recommend using the keyboard shortcuts (ALT + Left arrow for back, ALT + Right arrow for forward) Or buy a mouse that has forward/backwards dedicated keys on them. I'm saving up for one of those. *ahh* I love modern technology.



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