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Classically British
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Posted:Well, we tried (and admittedly failed) to set a new world record at Falmouth 2 of the worlds highest diabolo throw...

So I thought we could try something this time round as well...
Preferably not diabolo height, and probably not an official world record (which the diabolo throw would've been had we not done so late in the day, what with everyone being quite "tired"...)

Any suggestions?

Mine are:
Most number of spinners in a co-ordinated routine
Most number of poi spun at one time by one person (hey, 2bags is coming...)
Most number of naked fire spinners wink
Biggest simaltaneous staff burn off (with the wind behind us!)
Most number of people playing "Jump the fire rope dart"
Largest "jazz cigarette" shared by the most people biggrin

Pick one you like or come up with your own - everyone likes a challenge biggrin
Plus it'll be filmed for posterity, although not by me or it'll never get made into a video (e.g. HoP/Pip video)

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Posted:definately up for the backflip or frontflip maybe a bit of fire capoeira with frodo perhaps??

the dreads will return......
oooh that gave me moosebumps haha...
to be continued



Miss Whippy
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Posted:We could play games like at the BJC, stuff like 5 ball/club juggling gladiators or handstand endurance. I cant remember any of the others.

Aim high and you'll know your limits, aim low and you'll never know how high you could have climbed.


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Posted:the "spoon" game. Always good for a laugh....Everyone bring spoons.



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