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I thought i posted baout this in this forum, and then i came back and it was gone...? or maybe a moderator deleted it? i dont know why they would but if so let me know and ill stop posting about it, but here it goes, again

I saw something in a music video that looked really cool, the video was by the band rammstein, the song is called feuer frei. u see one of the guys playing a bass i thing put on a mask around 2:20 ish and he breathes a huuuuge flame around 2:32. Does anyone know what this mask is or where you can get one?


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no sorry but I'll keep my eye out for that vid...sounds brilliant!

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you can get it off kazaa or limewire pretty easily, its probably on the triple X dvd as well, i have never seen the movie although it looked pretty cool

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i know the mask you are talking about

it looked to me like a modified gas mask for protection on the face, and then a cone

this is where the fire is sprayed from

the only way i can see this being possble, is that the mask has a fule supply to it, and a flame in it

thus like a flame thrower it fire out a long spray of fule on fire....

these will have ben sutom made for the band, you will be luck if you could afford one, let alone get one made!

the reason i think this is that fire breathing is VERY DANGEROUS, and esp wearing a mask, and playing in a hot room would cause you to swallow and drink the fuel in your mouth, so i think its custom job, and no you cant get them...

also i think if you wnated to perform in one of these mask, you would have to be very clever about the fuel line to the mask!

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ahh thanks a lot man, well i thought it looked pretty sick

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they use the flame throwers in their act alot.

as fdar as i now thats exactly what theya re too. flame throwers.

they look wicked. though im not sure i'd want one strapped to my face.

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Written by: ado-p

they use the flame throwers in their act alot.

as fdar as i now thats exactly what theya re too. flame throwers.

Craziness! That's really cool, I didn't know they were into fire so much!

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ok, i am now pretty positive this was custom made, this bands life is fire, the drummer has a crazy set of drum sticks that shoots sparks out of the end, it looks awesome, and yea they use flame throwers a lot


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I know the main singer is a fully qualified Pyrotechniks junky..........

They played with this sorta stuff before the band formed........ check out there live gigs..........awesome!

Fire coats, fire "propane" masks, fire drums, fire guitars and anything else they can set alight to i think ubblol

But they do have a well educated pryo background and they make there own props - - with alittle help tho im sure wink

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dont forget fire bows

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Quite right.

In the Feur Frei Filmclip form the album Mutter.

Bass player Oliver Riedel has strapped to his face a modified flame thrower that has an external fuel line attached to it.

The best example of Rammsteins love of fire is from the DVD

"Live Aus Berlin"

From live aus Berlin

Lead Singer Till Lindemann on the fourth song Weisses Fleisch (Charred Flesh) runs out onto stage wearing boots that are shooting fireworks from the front of them.

i think on the second song Bestrafe Mich (punish me) Till shoots and swings a giant flaming cross bow

on the sixth song Asche Zu Asche (ashes to ashes) , Near the end guitarists Richard Kruspe and Paul Landers sing into flaming microphones.

near the end of the 7th song Wilder Wein (wild wine) Till stand above a flame thrower wearing a flame retardant robe and gets shot from below by fire

on the 12th song Engel (angel) during the drum and techno solo drummer Christoph Schneider plays with sticks that shoot fire.

During nearly the whole song Rammstein.

Till lindemann is singing whilst wearing a Chain mail robe which is on fire the entire song.

and during the song Wohlt ihr das bett in flammen sehen (would you like to see the bed in flames)

Till shoots an old WW2 style flame thrower over the heads of the Audience " i bet getting insurance for that stunt wasnt easy"

i think thats about it for the Pyro in Live aus berlin.

Its pretty easy to say that Rammstein get a lot of inspiration from fire and pyrotechnics.

Also buy Rammsteins new album Reise Reise. its very good

Fokker out...
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I saw them when they were in manchester, with American Head Charge supporting, when Rammstein weren't that big.

they had the fire masks, and the lead singer came on with a suit made of fire with flames coating his arms and the back of his shoulders

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I saw Rammstein live last Friday night. It has to be the best 2 hours of my life when they were on stage, they are my all time favourite band. Someone I know online was given a set list for the show and they list the effects used with each song. The fire masks and flame thrower type devices are described as "Lycopodium masks", "Lycopodium arms" etc. I presume this means by using Lycopodium powder it is safer as it can't be easily ignited when in a storage container, it is only readily flammible when it is finely divided, eg, blown into a fine mist through the mask. I am not sure if I am 100% correct on this, but it seems logical, as using gaseous or liquid fuel would require a large amount of pressure, and could quite easily be more dangerous.

If I find out more, I will let you know.

Great site anyways,

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Written by: Spacecow00x

dont forget fire bows

You mean like in Berlin in 1998? Du riechst so gut, anyone?

(Pick up "Live Aus Berlin" to see What I mean)

Great band, they are. Tho' Flake kinda' looks like a vulture.

Is it hot in here, or was I just engulfed in flames?

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i am yet to try it. gona try to find a safe way to test it. but when the small particles separate, so theres dust, it set alite or explodes or something. I DONT KNOW. it also burns alot of air, so if it is lit indoors you will suffocate. thats bad.

basically, could work, not sure, find out on weekend, post results later.

ps. i do not recomend doing this.

cyas lata


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Hello I am from Mexico, I specialize in this type of effects. This are my results:[image][/image]
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