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Posted:Theory: Double Stalls with/on one hand.

How to get started:
a.) Spin only your right Poi (anticlockwise wallplane) and stall it.
b.) Spin only your left Poi (anticlockwise wallplane) and use your right hand to stop/stall it. Normally 2/3 down the chain (closer to the head) works fine in the beginning.
c.) Combine a.) and b.) : Spin with both Poi anticlockwise wallplane splittime separated - sounds nice biggrin. Now stall your right Poi and use your right hand to stall the left Poi on it - like in b.) Voila !

Thats basically it (if you understood what I am talking about). The one version described above is only one specific (imo the easiest) out of many many possible variations. Find out yourself. They can add a beautiful flow to your spinning due to the fact that you use only one hand to stop both Poi.

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Posted:ummmmm, yeeaaaahhhhhh, i guess i understand what youre saying, (and apparently im the only one judging by the replies.:D)

there should be a video of me and konsti coming out somewhat soon(hes editing, so its not up to me) in which i possibly am doing what you mean.

ill try to explain what im talking about

you start swingin both poi just back and forth but opposite directions, so they cross.
with your right hand swing the poi 360 degrees counter clockwise once and stall again.
right after you swing the 'right' poi, swing the left one in the same direction and do the same (360, then stall) but since you start swinging 'crossover' style, the left will be half a beat behind the right.
then when you stall the right one, swing it back CW, and stall, same for the left.

if that makes no sense whatsoever, and i dont think it did, then try this:
hope that helps, but is that what you mean??


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Posted:no their both same direction/split time in poibox's description.

It's quite a basic stall and good for movement and such. And place along the plane is possible ie from verticalthrough to horizonal and wall/wheel plane.

If you put both your hands real close together when you do it it's the wrap many times round your hands/unwrap move yeah? The futrher apart they are and closer to the head it becomes less wraps and more stalls. If you're really natch you can get both to do the rope dart style "ping" off each hand smile

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Posted:when i understand you right it is one of the moves you showed to my in summer.

but what do you think about a little chainwrap or in hop-ish "hyperloop" before you stall it completly? i really like that, cause when you unwrap/unstall you give them extra speed with your hands and the first circle is smaller than when they are "unwrapped"




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Posted:Spin clockwise same-direction wall plane. Bring the right poi up and under the left arm as if to wrap off of it but instead as it comes round push the right arm out and stall - your left round should wrap around your right arm very nicely.

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